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    Normal VS Online

    Online is better because its easy i can just use my phone on tests
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    No it’s being an on going problem that has happened multiple times not just that one time.
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    When I came back to this server a month ago I asked you guys if this would be a place where. I could be accepted and have fun however, it has felt less fun every time a run into a toxic person whether it’s an admin or just a normal player I feel like I am targeted by some people just because I’m a (squeaker). I hope I can actually have fun on places such as the Discord or servers.
  4. emmitt

    Corey Crawford

    Price has a better defense and team than the hawks the hawks defense is ass and they have to rely on Crawford.
  5. emmitt

    Corey Crawford

    Crawford is better than price Crawford carries the hawks
  6. emmitt

    Corey Crawford

    Corey Crawford has played better than any other goalie I’ve seen this postseason he is under appreciated for how good he is I think he is hall of fame worthy cause of how well he has played his whole career
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    Today I stumbled upon one of my new favorite foods it is probably my new favorite snack. It is a cheddar and pepper stuffed bacon wrapped chicken. The bacon cheese and pepper keep the chicken from drying out in the oven as well.
  8. Breaking news nine hours ago a YouTube named as leafy is here known for his popular videos about pokimane has officially challenged flight reacts to a one on one in basketball I am very excited to see this happen and I’m sure it’ll blow up all over the internet
  9. emmitt

    Damian lillard

    I have been watching the Trail Blazers a lot in the nba bubble and I have seen Damian lillard play on such an elite level that it has convinced me that he is the best point guard In the league and one of the best point guards of all time.
  10. emmitt

    Hockey refs

    This postseason the refs have been awful and I am infuriated
  11. emmitt

    vibe check

    Whats up guys how is everyone doing today I hope you all are having a great day as I am because I am eating pizza right now. I wish I could share with you all, but unfortunately not because of Corona Virus. I am vibing right now and I hope you are all too. Have a great day.
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    Does anyone have good movies to watch.
  13. My favorite show is Rick and Morty.
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    Can anyone help me to get better at cs.
  15. emmitt


    Does anyone have any good anime shows for me to watch.
  16. emmitt

    Murder bees

    What are yall thoughts on murder bees.
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    Hello what is up fellow gamers i just wanted to say good morning
  18. Robbery Heads will roll
  19. emmitt


    Roses are red flight is the goat tom brady's dick is so far down your throat