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  1. Yo acer you think you could make a chat in the discord like text chat for the smp? would be nice.
  2. Maybe will be there, probably not, anyways good first event hope it does well
  3. Che

    MiniGames Deathrun!

    MiniGames Deathrun! - Events - Steam Gamers Community (
  4. MiniGames Deathrun! Deathrun is a gamemode that involves two teams, the "Deaths" and the "Runners". The runners try to complete the map while dodging traps the death team sets off. Maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 deathrun_bunker_a3 deathrun_sonic_shpdr deathrun_simpsons_ff_d_hdr When? Saturday, April 9th @ 6:00pm EST Where? Join
  5. event in around 3 hours be there!
  6. bump, this is tomorrow!
  7. Valorant but it's CS:GO? - Events - Steam Gamers Community (
  8. Valorant, but it's CS:GO? Thats right, we're going to be playing Valorant Maps inside of CS:GO! We will set up the matches on the scrim server of Haven, Bind, and Split. Get ready to play a better version of Valorant! Info: When: Saturday, March 12th @ 6:00pm. Where: Steam Gamers Scrim Server. Make sure to also join Steam-Gamers Discord!