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  1. Che

    MG Deathrun Event

    Good event, will be there.
  2. Unwise opinion, you see, you are nor a event coordinator or even nearing as much of a gamer as me. You are mentally unstable which I'm sure all players can recognize by this comment. And adding onto this, L bozo just got caught in 8k hd with a 2025 camera of the highest of qualities + yb better, + your mom.
  3. bump 5 and a half hours
  4. Going to all be setup during the game, but yes forgot to mention please comment your usernames
  5. League Of Legends Scrimmage! - Events - Steam Gamers Community ( comment on this or else.
  6. League Of Legends Scrimmage! That's right, what you've all been asking for, a league of legends scrimmage. Players will 5v5 and play 1-3 depending on the enjoyment of players. You have to upgrade your skills in the bottom and play in one of the lanes trying to reach the enemy teams nexus, once there nexus is destroyed your team will win, simple enough. Where: Steam-Gamers Discord Events Chat. When: January 22nd @ 6:00pm EST. Make sure to join the SG steam group and discord while your still on this thread!
  7. k, anyways bump event tmrw.
  8. is this how bored you are at home? also Squaka wtf?