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  1. ok thanks! The only reason i made this is because people delay rounds alot and they hind in there and dont slay
  2. Sorry i put a link i didnt ahve the link for the map idk how to get it so i put a link to this thread
  3. Full map name: Warmcup_headshot Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? theres a glitch where you can hide in a crate and get wall hacks which alot of people do which is annoying.
  4. Ok theres a new scam going around please do not click on the link here is a chat going on with em and my best friend. [12:27] Plat: yo man how are u doing? [12:30] che: i was gonna go play vvalorant unless you wanna hop on cs [12:31] Plat: May I ask u for help? [12:31] che: ok? what you need help with [12:31] Plat: Can u please vote for my team at fastleague [12:31] che: NOOOOO [12:31] Plat: need 2 more votes [12:31] che: NOT YOU TO [12:31] Plat: team ShonK [12:31] che: DAMN IT ANOTHER SCAM BROOO [12:31] Plat: This is where the scam was so i took it out. [12:31] che: WHYYYY' BRO JUST LEAVE my bestfriend and you fricking hack his account you kidding me bro like ugh So this scam ask you to join a website as you see i pasted it out for you guys and blurred out the website/
  5. Yo this clip i hit was insane a one in a lifetime surf lmao
  6. So this is a TTT event idea i just thought of and I thought it would be a good idea to post on forums. I was thinking on ttt we could do a event where everyone has 1 hp and you have a gun with 1 bullet. So basicaly one in the chamber so you will have 1 bullet in the gun and everyone has 1 hp and if you miss you have to use knife to kill someone. Then after you use knife you gain the bullet in your gun back. I think this would be a really cool event to do and you could call it one in the chamber event.
  7. Yea i just realized i really shouldnt of made this because like you said @Vanya it could cause alot of confusion sorry for posting this i might make another one about a taser but it wont be as op as this one thanks for the response!
  8. I think it would be cool if a t could buy a item where when you get tased it shows you as an innoecnt i think a fair price for this item would be 100 or 125 credits for this item it would be a sick feature for this because the ts would get a lot more kills and would have a chance to live longer and survive longer in rounds
  9. Yea i heard about this i think about a 3 weeks ago this is very sad i watched the 2 entire youtube videos on the psychiatrist and him talking and this really tells you that you can never know how someone really feels on the inside this is a very tragic event that happened
  10. Che

    Damn bro cant beleive you would cheat

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    Answered Gif's

    Ok ty dude
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    Answered Gif's

    Ok so I was wondering if you had to be vip to have a gif because I used to have a Gif but I don't have vip anymore so i was wondering if that's the reason i couldn't put on a gif
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    Hey guys

    Hey guys sorry I haven't been on for quite a while but honestly all this corona virus crap and all the school being canceled it is very overwhelming and it is hard to keep up but now im going to be on for a while since there is literaly nothing else to do in quarantine so I will see you guys in a bit. Hope I can become a regular again. Love-Che
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