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  3. SG is older than me... feels tough
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    P90 Warning shots

    I agree with ReFlex. When I used to play JB every day, t's would always be winning by like 20-0 and it's just so insane how much more op t's are then ct's. I think that having these guns just gives them a boost to help them be more likely to win a match other than losing 20-0. I think there is no problem having a p90 warning shot or knife, or anything that does 90+ damage. It's simply improving the t's if we were to remove it. Ct's would have a lot less of a chance. I definitely think that keeping 90+ warning shots is a necessity. I can see how t's would unlike this, because it gives the ct's more of a lift, but I do think it is important to keep this 1-99 damage rule. If we didn't have the rule every T would be insanely overpowered, especially on electric razor, and maps with a lot of secrets. I can see both sides though, like where if you are a T and a CT comes up to you with a P90 and shoots you in the head. It can be quite annoying. I think if we even were going to change this rule, we shouldn't remove all SMG'S i say that we should just make a rule that says, to only give warning shots 1-85 or 1-90. A lot of ct's love to be toxic with using that though which could be a problem. One more thing I was thinking about is, if the ct's hit you for 99 for example, if you get double warning shot on accident you will 100% die. Also if they warning shot you for 90+ if you dont follow an order later on, in the round, you will be warning shot for most likely over 10 damage so will most likely die. I think it would be better to keep this at 1-99 I think there is no need to change it whatsoever
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    MG Mash Up

    event in 5 hours get ready
  6. Che

    MG TF2 Event

    Yo im so sad, I can't ever load thids map for some reason.
  7. Congrats! Especially to you @Maniac well earned!
  8. Two months later and your syntax and grammar are still the same...C’mon Che, aren’t you around 14 now?



  9. Go check my updated time boys 36.2
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    Che , If you dont know them or never met them (Dont Reapply them) just abstain mate period.

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      Pm me stop posting on my profile please

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      how do I do that??

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  11. Built different ;)