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  1. Cara-mel is the way to go
  2. MXChaos

    Coke or Pepsi

    Coke is good but pepsi is sweeter
  3. Hard shell and soft shell are both pretty good. depends on your mood but that one moment when the hard taco shell doesn’t snap in half when you try and eat it is the best
  4. I don’t use discord, Which really makes a barrier. I understand and I don’t know if I ever used the word toxic correctly? Some people on here don’t think some players are being toxic while people like me do, So they aren’t really doing anything wrong other then being rude but not to the point where it’s seen as wrong to some players? But it’s continuous every day, like it’s who they are and what they do.
  5. Sadly, That is the case. You have to walk on eggshells around a lot of people if you don’t want something to stir. I have other hobbies but when csgo (TTT) is really the only place I can talk to people, whether or not it’s bad or good. It gets pretty hard to find any light in the others. But I have my own things when i’m not on. Thank you for replying though! I appreciate it. Being able to empathize with someone is great.
  6. I wanted a reason to make a forum podt
  7. Third. As I said, Today? Was not a very good day. Nor was yesterday. One? It’s sunday, Two? Yesterday was Saturday. Three? Tomorrow’s monday. Im kidding even if i really do hate all three of those days, I sometimes log onto TTT or just csgo in general so i can just play and distract myself from my personal problems, But the internet was out so inevitably i had to sit it out. But that one isn’t really a big issue. The big issue? The more I play TTT, The more i realize how Toxic some players can be, And frankly it’s tiring to sit through 30 minutes of it. When all you want to do is vibe and have fun. But I can’t complain because even if the server is toxic, I knew it was toxic so getting tired of getting shit on for the fifth time of the day has no point This was just a really big random rant about how much i hate TTT sometimes but can’t stop playing, Darn.
  8. Possibly... Possibly... Leaning towards no since the wifi is down
  9. YES! Fish!! “Food.. No bad..” ”Danger hide” ”Swim way”
  10. Have you ever thought about what goes through the head of a raccoon? I have.
  11. Everyday does suck lynxie, Everyday sucks.
  12. It’s Saturday. Have you ever thought about how much saturday’s suck? Or do you enjoy saturday’s? I don’t like saturdays because they feel like fridays but with a deadline called sunday. Sunday’s also suck. Last day of the weekend before school. Yikes.