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  1. Addicts are a must stay, very community friendly and just like a good signature.. if you know what I mean? Spiderman has been on TTT for awhile now, I think it might finally be time to say goodbye to him, but I still personally think he should stay- but freeing up the shop will be nice. - Time for skin suggestions ig. HLA Hazmat Worker Skin I think this is fairly vanilla and not too flashly. For a non-supporter skin, I think this would work well. Or maybe even Negan Both very nice looking skins, not too flashly. For Elite Supporters or Premium, I reckon they get Jinx from LOL: Arcane. And for Basic Supporters, everyones favorite girl: Jill Valentines!
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    Dude there are so many threads on this just read them. Seeding, Events, Updates, Interaction, Consistency, etc. or do what steven said, i mean it works
  3. So @Charliere wanted someone to make a thread about this, and who other than I? Your number 1 TTT Enthusiast. Anyway, if possible I think adding them as pngs when you hit tab would be a cool idea, I know Karma does something similar to that in their 1v1 server. These would be next to your name on the leaderboard. So hopefully these are some good names. ex. 0 - 2500 Karma 2500 - 7500 Karma 7500 - 20000 Karma 20000 - 40000 Karma 40000 - Karma Cap OR 40000 - 80000 80000 - Karma Cap Win a Karma Contest Support Role Premium Supporter Role etc.
  4. I mean as much as I hate this rule being added, it sadly makes sense
  5. Hoping on right now if anyone wants to join! [US EAST] STEAM-GAMERS SCP:SL IP: in Direct Connection!
  6. I agree, but I'm saying this off the behalf of new players who have no clue why they got tped off random places. Personally Random TP really is OP and I think that leaving it as an event item is probably the best choice. And Decoy TP should just be removed overall, no SM wants to add walls all over the map to block nades EVERYWHERE. It's just a broken item.
  7. So the TTT store is currently still under an event (TTT Unlocked) and I think the store should revert to its default state. I say this only because Random TP is kinda OP, if for new players they would be extremely confused to way they just got teleported off the map for no reason. (Had an encounter with a new player saying "Did I do something wrong?" So yeah, lets revert it maybe? @ImHunterIRL
  8. The map with the beams, scouts and mac-10s everywhere, and theres several rooftops. Or are you in an office building with 4 floors?
  9. lmao there is no t-room, on this server its accessible by all people. if you click (use) on the painting next to the shelf it opens. bro what are you even talking about
  10. The command on TTT is broken, thought maybe that could be fixed.