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  1. To add to what cartie missed, is how easily modable the game is. Takes all but a click, and a lot of the mods on the workshop don't change the game all that much, it still gives a very authentic vanilla experience.. with just more things that ground the game a little closer to reality.
  2. lynxie

    Gartic Phone Event!

    Changing date to tomorrow
  3. I hopefully will do a Friendsgiving over a family meetup, I just wanna chill and relax with friends; no family planning bs or whatever.
  4. Thank you @crazedkangaroo for this banner Gartic Phone Gartic Phone is a web browser game, where you draw prompts, see what your friends drew, and a lot of other fun gamemodes! Hop on the discord and join us for out Gartic Phone event! When? Sunday, November 20th @5:30PM EST Where?
  5. It damages your t-buddies, and going in medic negates you from dying entirely since you gain health faster than you lose health from O2.
  6. So I don't wanna make 15+ make edit/removal/add requests so I'll make a mega-thread for other people to voice their opinions on the maps, what should be removed, what should stay, and talk about the bugs in a lot of these maps! These are my personal opinion's and if you are opposed to them, feel free to make your own edits! Key: Red - Remove Green - Add/No Issues Blue - Fix/Edit // - Currently Unavailable (AO's Decision) cs_noffice_sg - The original version (ttt_cs_office) is a lot more fun to play on, looks better with a more gritty and dark tone and honestly... is a classic csmu_waterpark_night_v1 - Bring back the day version, night version is hard to see, looks ugly, and doesn't show the real beauty of the original version ttt_67thway_csgo_v10 - Fine as is ttt_among_us_skeld_sgfinal - Either remove this map, or remove the secret walls, and change how the sabotages work ttt_afterglow_v1 - Fine as is (bring back music room!!!) pls dont ttt_apehouse_modern - Fine as is ttt_aircraft_2020 - The buttons need their hitboxes lowered (issue), maybe allow gun pick-up's to be your skin (not an issue) ttt_breakthrough_v2 - Good map, not played enough, needs a low pop. 30/70 on this one, I don't mind if it's removed or stays. ttt_christmastown_v1 - Classic Map, Fine as is ttt_closequarters_hdr - Fine as is ttt_clue_hdr - Mostly fine, allow us to turn off and on the light more than once (Have a cooldown) ttt_cluedo_modern - Fine as is ttt_codewise2_v3_1 - Fine map, too big, convoluted for new players, rounds last too long ttt_community_bowling_csgo_v3 - Fine as is ttt_community_pool_2017_v1_7 - Fine as is ttt_cyberpass_v2_3 - Sorry Valk, no one plays it, good map, but unappealing ttt_damons_bridge_b1 - When has Damon had a bad map? ttt_damons_canyon_b2_2 - ^ ttt_damons_downtown_b1 - ^^ ttt_damons_mansion_a3 - ^^^ ttt_desperados_final_sg - Needs fixes obviously... but fuck it whatever its fine ttt_dolls_sg_v1 - Fine as is ttt_druglab_hdr - idk what this map is, map test it? Gentoo said it was good ttt_floodzone_2_v3 - Fine as is ttt_highrise_mw2_sgfix - Fine as is ttt_highrise_sg_v1 - Fine as is, maybe change the name? ttt_highschool_v1- Fine as is ttt_hoodrat_v1_5 - Fine as is ttt_island17_pezversion_hdr - Issue where map doesn't allow people to join/and or crashes server ttt_kaer_morhen_v1- Fine as is ttt_kirbycity_b3_1 - Fine as is ttt_mario64_peachcastle_lamp_edit_1 - Teleported area needs to be walled off, visual issues near the cannon ttt_mcvillage_b3-c - Fine as is ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v10 - Fix T-Rooms ttt_murdertown_a3 - This map lowkey sucks ttt_nipperhouse2_sg_hdr - Fine as is ttt_nukehouse_remaster_v1_1 - Fine as is ttt_nuketown_sg_v1 - Event Only, not a huge fan of this one ttt_parishcity_b1 - Fine as is ttt_rats_kitchen_hdr - Fine as is ttt_rooftops_sg_v2 - Fine as is, maybe remove building roof top with sign, keep t-trap ttt_safehouse_b1 - Fine as is ttt_sgoffice_sgedit_v2 - Fine as is ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5 - Fine as is ttt_stadium_hdr - Fine as is ttt_subway_sgeditv2 - Fine as is ttt_terminal_sg_v1 - Fine as is ttt_terrortrain_v1_2_2_csgo - Fine as is //ttt_the_backrooms_v2 - Fix it, and then its perfectly fine. ttt_tuckfrazz_b2 - Fine as is ttt_tumbleweed_v1_3_sgfix - Fine as is ttt_westwood2_sg1 - Fine as is ttt_yakuza_v2_1 - Fix T-Room/wall it off //ttt_treetops_mc_b2 - Fun event map Welp these are my opinions on the current status of maps! Leave down below what you feel.
  7. Long title, so I'll say it here. What is the scariest image that scares you every time you view it The police sketch of this guy lives rent free in my brain and absolutely scares the fuck outta me. The idea of me waking up, and seeing either of these faces staring at me from the side of my bed- oh nah bro I'll literally die from a heartattack or get a stroke. or Have you seen this man before? Fuck these guys
  8. lynxie

    Memento Mori...

    I don't know if anyone has seen this, or not; but Mark and Ethan talk about Unus Annus again after two years, and uploaded two seperate videos, both being 25:25 long that you're supposed to watch side by side as they talk to eachother, a really cool concept that I personally haven't seen before. So if you're interested.
  9. wait can i change my answer, i meant side view
  10. Not said to me, but quoted by my favourite youtuber. "What is a Pine Apple?"
  11. ttt, murder, prop hunt the best ones
  12. Half-Life 2 or Black Mesa, fucking golden games.