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  1. There isn't anything wrong with it, but it is frustrating having to repeat it more than once. And sometimes I slay someone 2/3 times before a kick because I know genuinely they 1, didn't see the annoucement, 2 ignored it to continue playing, or 3, don't care enough to read the rules because yada yada yada. This addition would make it a lot easier and more accessible for people to reach. There isn't a problem with hitting -- (Filler text) 3. Rules 4. FAQ (Filler text) 9. Exit or something like that. We have so many people playing, chat goes by so fast. It gets to the point where I go in all chat, just to say (with no one breaking rules), "If anyone is new, type !info and learn our rules!" just for that to disappear in 2 seconds. This is genuinely a great solution and I think this is a MUST for the server. Ima be petty butttt... @Gentoo @Kieran
  2. In an attempt to boost this, I'm commenting here... @Gentoo @Kieran
  3. miss you dummy :(


  4. I think it'd be a a great idea where, when you join the server: A "vote" menu pops up on the screen saying explaining the rules and the sub-sections that are there. And an "exit" button if they simply don't want to read the rules. There are MANY instances where people say, "How do I play this game?" without reading rules. And I think this could be a temporary fix or a way to help new players learn the rules easily! @Gentoo@Kieran
  5. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: If you know it's t-bait and its an inno, you should probably not kill them, but you have all rights to KOS the person/kill the person.| It isn't recommended that you kill someone for t-bait, but you are allowed to KOS/kill them if need be.
  6. so anyone wanna talk about ttt
  7. Robbery!


  8. Thats what I said! yeye
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      bitch im not a furry >:(

  10. I didn't know that you always had to make/find creative ideas for events. I thought you all just reused the same ones (my bad)
  11. I have been seeing a huge amount of events for other servers like ZE, MG, JB but not many for TTT? I know we just got out of our Halloween event not too long ago, but TTT doesnt seem to get a lot of events. I guess this goes out to the Events team and maybe Gentoo..? But I just wanted to see what was planned for that and is this was intentional or not? (My d key is broken on my laptop and I'm pasting it in. If the d's look weird thats why.)