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  1. With the new plugin you don't need to even look at the bodies, just use your {USEKEY} on when standing on top of them and you'll ID them. I would love to implement this with ragdolls but the server, atleast to my knowledge can't hold that, thus the reason I'm suggesting tombstones- added to that. When we had our Halloween Event, we used invisible microwaves with flying orbs on top of them as the "tombstone" (dont want it to be that but idc what it could be) and it wasn't all that bad. The only issue with it was that it was incredibly hard to see small white orbs. I don't think it's boring, but I get where you're coming at. Not my issue No on a serious note, I mean maybe? According to Creten/Gween, we are able to be ambitious with some of the stuff we want since BoTo and Scrolls are both Technical Staff and can implement that stuff(ish?) so I wouldn't know- but any model (kinda) would suffice. Revert to previous statement.
  2. This is a smaller suggestion post, it will probably be looked at and tossed but a suggestion is a suggestion- regardless whether or not people like that. But this is more of a post to compensate with ragdolls and the ability to move them. Instead of player Ragdolls, we have tombstones or another variation. I know that we've done this before, and I know that it's very similar to either Karma or eGO (idk which uses which) but if we change it to tombstones- and not as an event but more permanent, we could allow players to pick up Tombstones and move them around. Whilst making the game fun, and not all too different. 1. If a player finds a body, picks it up and throws it off a roof or to a spot where you can't ID it, it should be an automatic KOS, innocent or traitor. 1a. The issue with this is, it would make the Matchbox useless unless you want to remove a body stealthy from a far range and irretrievably. 2. If we style it to whatever model, like maybe players can choose the tombstone they drop when they die in the Cosmetics Shop it adds character to each different player. 2a. Issue with this is, if not done properly, tombstones could blend in with the map and players could potentially walk past unided bodied and get killed for it. 3. Picking up Tombstones should only be for picking up dead bodies and not props around the place. Tombstones could be shot and moved (slightly), but holding {USEKEY} wont send a tombstone flying. 3a. I don't know if we could even implement this. 3b. You can't/shouldn't be able to jump on Tombstones to get to glitch spots. thats all I can think of right now- of course this is for anyone to put their two cents in so go off.
  3. Alright, so it is time to shine baby! Just a warning, I know some of these will be denied or whatever, but I'm still suggesting them because why not? Anyways.. Defibs - I know we have a lot more on our tech team and I don't know if you could make it- or even think about wanting it in. It's still a very cool mechanic faithful to the original TTT, and I do remember the issues that arose with this, but I'm still adding this here. Landmines > Tripmines! - They seem cooler, have a lot more tactical use than a tripmine, and still very seeable. Flamethrower as a T-Item - A new item for T's to use, does burn damage, idk kinda self explanatory, its a flamethrower. Okay after going through my profile this is all I got wtf.. my suggestions were lame as fuck-
  4. bro where tf did you go

  5. Minecraft Nether level Reminisent of ttt_minecraft_b5 (Lighthouse Nether Area)
  6. Cave with TNT boom boom
  7. Minecraft T-Tester (hoping mod team can make it work?) *literally just for show the "redstone"* Has Generator to destroy (once again, not literally) Has T-Trap in T-Tester that T's can shoot to kill players.
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    hey bud, theres a whole section on the forums for this: if you're making a player complaint put it there. if theres a server issue, use the !calladmin feature in the servers
  11. Evergarden 911 Operator 'State of Mind
  12. Im not even complaining... It's a suggestion, calm your tits Added, I said the words, "Maybe" and "Why not?" in the sense of, I could careless about it being added. Dont know who shoved a stick so far up your ass to comment this but whatever.