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  1. Okay yesterday was lacking, when I'm at home what am I honestly gonna do? Tell you about my splendid Fall Guys game or something? Yeah, corona fucking sucks. I learned that @I just lag, not toggle! has been a member for 2 years, which took me by surprise. Has anyone ever felt a weird sensation of not being able to move? My laptop was dying, and all I had to do was just charge it, but I just couldn't move. I guess from anxiety or nervousness? But I just had to move a literal desk away- I don't know. Thought's flew through my mind and all I wanted to do was stay there. I guess I'm just weird. I almost passed out in French while she was giving instructions, I wanna drop out of this class but, 3 years of a language helps for college, so yay... I hate this class so dearly. I struggle SO HARD to learn a new language. I mean isn't it harder the older you are? I'll use that excuse for now. Though, I shouldn't be using excuses. I just realized, no one probably cares about this but that isn't my intent, I guess it's a diary but I don't need to put a crazy amount of effort into thinking to myself, cause I guess one person is better than none. My ass hurts from sitting down so long, I hate these metallic chair. I can't wait to go home, grab the laundry and just crash. My teachers don't really assign work so that's good. Though tomorrow I have to attend all 8 of my classes, so not fun. I mean I have some study hall's to pass the time but fuck me. I haven't had a dream in a bit, nor a nightmare. I mean maybe I had one last night but I don't remember? I mean most dreams are forgotten anyways? I asked this question before but like literally, how do you make friends. You don't just go up to someone and just go an say, "I wanna be your friend." It's 2020 highschool no fucking one would accept that type of formal greeting. Or informal greeting? Whatever, still; I need someone to eat lunch with who aren't these prank caller type people- It's not fun being around them; but I need SOMEONE to talk to. I mean they aren't horrible, but they are cringey. Pranking calling McDonalds to talk about the Travis Scott meal thing, or whatever, it's so lame. I just stick with it cause being alone isn't the healthiest. But I wanna be healthier. So uh yea, I might type more later today- but so far, Bye losers- I mean lovely people!
  2. I think players should start on 150 karma, and cap out at around 250 or it could stay 350. It is extremely hard to lose 300 karma with the currently karma system, rdming and all. If a player genuinely wants to join the community, then they will probably ask questions and have former knowledge of how TTT works. But people who join to rdm and turn the server into pure chaos should have the starting karma at 150. Admins aren't on every second of the day, so its up to the system to do some of the work for them.
  3. So, IT LOOKS LIKE ITS THE WEEKDAY! WOOO!! LETS GET THAT BLOOD FLOWING! Yea I wish I could actually scream that but I don't wanna disturb the neighbors. So how are you guys doing anyways? I hope you're good, if your not, just open up here? So It's the early morning, I'm tired, and I'm at home since I'm doing hybrid. So not much happened today, I mean I attended my classes, kinda. Did some work.. Thats it? I got to talk to a best friend last night, Pink, she's been in Taiwan for awhile and finally decided to call us after like a month. It was nice, though she is 12 hours ahead of mines so.. But It was nice talking to her last night. Walking my dog with no underwear under my pants is just a weird feeling. I'm so used to wearing underwear that my dong was just like, "Bro, I can breathe." Yeah I'm weird. I think I met a gay guy, am I in love- maybe stfu <3 okay bye love u all
  4. Also I'm not doing weekends
  5. Oh, so you're dyslexic? Understood.
  6. @AmazingI wish, but my dog is a shih tzu, and I was the hero.
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    So my new favorite rapper right now is Tokyo's Revenge, I'm in love with his music, especially TOKYO'S REVENGE - GOTHAM. I've had it on loop in my head all day, even now. "I need to stop doing acid... That was a lie.." "Okay, what the fuck are you totin'? Instagram knows yo guns just for posin' My car looks like batmans, I'm not jokin' I put you on IV, that poison be potent, yo bitch mouth open." My favorite song from him and he just released an EP with two songs featuring The Kid Laroi and ZEDSUA, two great songs- on his EP named: 7VEN. Amazing EP and I can't wait for more from him! ------------------ DJ Scheme looks like he's releasing an album with people such as, Juice WRLD, Ski Mask the Slump God, and from the look of the teased Tracklist, XXXTENTACION, which honestly, I'm excited for. The X song looks to be an Ski + X song which is dope, first Ski/X song since January, 2019 with the album, Member's Only Vol. 4. ------------------------ Lil Peep x ILoveMakonnen Album should be releasing either this year or next. The name of it is Diamonds, and it is 100% (ish) leaked and to be honest. Not my favorite. I love Peep but Makonnen doesn't perform, he isn't a great rapper and doesn't make the songs good. Peep is flawless, but Makonnen cant perform for shit, I hope they change his verses.
  8. Day 3. So today was kinda lonely. I had two study halls which was the most boring shit today. My math teacher wasn't here, took a sick day out. I sat alone during lunch and a kid I utterly despise is back in my school. Oh by the way, what I write is just what comes to me. Sometimes one topic won't have correlation, so that's your warning. I had a dream about my dog, being a superhero, nuke, and the end of the world. All set on one dream. Weird dream but it made me love chewy a little more. I'm gonna make a minecraft server soon, find an island and excavate the shit out of it. Make a city, economy, shops, and a capital. It'll be hard but I love the idea of running my own city and seeing it grow, so I'm quite excited for this project. Question, genuinely, how do you make friends at school, I deadass don't know. Whatever friends I get I stick with them, but how do you make new friends..? So this is what I'm ending this with. To the people who are actually reading this, thank you very much. I'll try and learn from you guys too I suppose. So yeah, much love ;)
  9. @paggos she has a whole ass kid
  10. Okay, whenever I walk my dog there has been this same woman for the past week to either one, walk her dog at the same time as or, or two, happen to just be walking in general. And it's become a daily thing. She's hot but she's like mid 30's bro. Why are all the white moms so good looking god damn. We talked today though, she wanted to know how many times I walked my dog, a day, I say, "Uh, twice." She says, 'Ahh, my little pup only needs one haha.' Then she walks off. Bro can older women stop winning over my heart please.
  11. i dont have blueberries but i told my mom to get some
  12. sadly neither just plain, but i'll learn how to make those
  13. never mind what the fuck is this movie
  14. Oh yea, I forget if this is how you make a thread? I hope it is-
  15. So this is day two I guess. Uh, not much has happened today. I woke up and made a baller breakfast.. Yea no I didn't. I made some eggs which were better than normal, and I made my best pancakes yet so thats great. For school today I literally only have one class. Since today I'm remote, and my math teacher wants my portion of the class, (Cohort B) to relax. And I have Study Halls P1 and P3 so I'm at home doing nothing. I'm actually thinking about making more pancakes, they were good.. Ooh, lets talk about my extremely well mannered dog, but not well trained, (per say). He is extremely smart and kind. He doesn't jump on people and scare them. He knows his boundaries, especially around other dogs. His name is Chewy, why? Cause when he was younger he chewed on so many sandals, so I named him Chewy. He's a small Shih-Tzu mix, but we forget what hes mixed with. I'm watching Cuties while watching this amd uh.. Ima be honest, it isn't a bad movie, its just disturbing, but I won't say much more.