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  1. Trailer comes out in 2 days!
  2. lynxie

    [MGT] Gmod TTT!

    Excited, hopefully we actually have people on!
  3. The few times I have gotten on jb (new pc and all) i havent been able to see t models
  4. istg this title was a jab at me. ttt will probably start itself back up; but i really dont think it'll be anytime soon. Might take a couple months for something to start happening; or maybe it wont. that was like 3 weeks ago; jesus christ i was in your head. calm your tits.
  5. What staff did I yell at? Phoenix, sure I was a bit harsh on him; but the people I did address were these "higher ups". And I never said it was 100% because of bad management or lack of care, I said it looks like that from our perspective. I understand this Creten, especially the last statement; and hopefully this doesn't come out harshly but I will continue to say this: But communication is key. I understand when you guys are faced with a question or suggestion you answer it, but when it's like per say a map request or maybe item request, you answer the question and say; "Oh but we have things planned to show you." And stay quiet about it. Personally it looks like it goes over peoples heads when you guy's say that (not just Creten alone; even some of the past TTT SM's). But if we were told about an up coming map/item test, or teased about the remake of ttt_peachescastle that'll get people in a mindset that, "Oh look at that, we are getting something new soon." Instead of, "When are we getting something new?" "I dunno." I recommend watching BigFry on YouTube when it comes to hype behind games and such. There are a lot of games that lose their community due to lack of communication and I can only assume the context works here too. I just noticed this which clears up a bit of what I said above, but still; what I said above is very applicable. --- Us TTT players DO need to play on the server and attempt to populate it if we want it not to be dead, but if we have no incentive, we have no reason to play if its the same old, bland TTT we've always known. and i shit on balls cause hes a dick-
  6. This comment if literally pointless, as a member of a community; I generally don't have to do shit. The fact that I HAVE done something is more than enough. I have suggested events, I have seeded, I have done plenty; and not for my sake, but for the community. Horrible mindset. What am I supposed to do that I haven't already done? Continue to help the server by sitting on my chair staring at my screen for hours for someone to hop on? Go on the discord and tell people to hop on every 15 minutes? I've already done my fair share of promoting SG in Comp games and secretly in like Karma 1v1 with like 4 people if they are interested. What else can I do? Join the events team, sure I could do that, but I don't have to nor want to; it's no one's responsibility to do that unless the want to themselves. Want me to go in server announcements and @everyone to get on? Oh I cant. Sorry for speaking on a topic I care about; wanting to help out MY community, but oh well.
  7. how far did you put the stick up your ass. Also revert to Takuto's statement. I don't ever recall saying I needed a formal greeting to be able to join TTT, something a bit more welcoming is a helluva lot better than the messages Creten put out (no diss so calm your titties). I make suggestions to look at, that's helping the community is it not? I never said anything about them not being implemented or talked about; thus the reason I didn't add it. I am specifically talking about when SM's say, "We have stuff planned." Yet it takes 5 months to "plan" a single event or a change of an item price? I know Creten is trying to pop TTT and do what he can for it, but with the lack of community acknowledgement and communication, what the fuck are we supposed to take on that? Simply saying, "Hey guys! Let's populate TTT! connect here: (TTT ip)" or "ITS TTT TIME (TTT ip)" That seems so much more welcoming than the bland. "hop on ttt kek lmao" I could care less about my time as admin, towards my demotion I wanted to stop being admin anyways; oh well, shit happened; shit happened. I can still judge openly about bad management or lack of care because I want to bring attention to something. One of SG's biggest servers just up and dies- sure. But when it comes to the amount of content we get, event wise, item wise, map wise, fucking whatever; I'm fairly positive the majority of TTT wants a little more. Everything summed up here is almost exactly my thought. Do you guys just want me to stay fucking quiet about a server I love to play on? Rules menu went great :D only took 6 months to implement after it was already created and just forgotten about it oh so seems. - I've done a helluva a lot of suggestions, additions, talks, etc. for TTT to have something looked at, implemented, added, whatever. I don't expect every suggestion to be added in; but if I don't try than no one will? no, even if i made an application im more than positive that i'll just be denied due to recent bans and a bias against me. Could we not have looked at older events we've done in the past? I'd rather have 25 players on for an event than having to wait a week to see 3 people hop on TTT to RDM and leave or just stay afk and random disconnect. __________ Seems like I'm the bad guy for wanting to do something about the server I play so much and dedicated so much time to, and @Phoenix_ is the good guy cause "lol lynxie got demoted and has a ban on his name lololololol" It doesn't seem like anyone talks about any of the servers issues when we gladly should. Pull the stick out of your ass and look into the issue or acknowledge it and learn something.
  8. I have given event suggestions, map suggestions, and item suggestions. I have done my fair of seeding and trying to pop; hypocritical statement at that, but if you give up on your community, they'll give up on you.
  9. Even still, content wise TTT has been lacking, it seems so bland and boring. This could come with the fact that I've played so much; but even still there hasn't really been a lot of events, and we go months without anything.
  10. Don't close this thread immediately, let the community speak on this aswell. Please don't derail and stay on topic. I'm sorry, but TTT has been really depressing the last month, rarely ever gaining above 10 people a day; or so it seems. There is a huge lack of communication and "content" that we have and it seems like I've heard the same thing's be repeated by the SM's, but to no avail. "We have new events coming we want to show you guys!" Yet you wait 5 months to bring a single 2 hour event and then leave us for nothing. Only as of recently @Creten has been going on the discord telling people to have on; but doesn't show or give any real emphasis to actually want to join. Look at the way @TheZZL tells people to join JB > TTT. This is WAY more inviting than what @Creten has given us. (3 different people @ for TTT pop and it still looks so lame,) It's just extremely lazy and doesn't tell people an inviting way to join TTT. I get that there are players who will never touch TTT, but sometimes; maybe sometimes a more appealing message might be good. Now to talk about fucking Events. Then... LOOK AT THE FUCKING TIME IN BETWEEN ALL THAT? WHAT HAS TTT GOTTEN SINCE THEN? Like 5 new maps, and some removed. Holy fuck this is just depressing. JB and fucking MG have had more event's alone than TTT has this entire year. One of the most popular servers thrown away to what I would presume to be bad management or lack of effort. Please give the TTT population something, we have been deprived of content and anything. Two events a month or every other month wouldn't hurt would it? Anyways this is my take on the server since no one wants to talk about it. I don't want to seed TTT or see @ya boi seeding TTT for hours everyday to have 2 people join and leave after 3 minutes. Give us content! PLEASE.
  11. I know saying this has no merit but if we were able to fix the crashing issue, would it have a good chance to be added in? And the detective statement makes sense, albeit; it's up to the player whether or not they want to be det or not and can change whenever they want.