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  1. Never got around to adding them while I was SM because our main focus was on getting sub-roles out. I’m hoping the next SM, whoever it is, can pick up where we left off.
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  4. shoutout NGB gwert for the banner and Strayk-47 for the suggestion What is it? Contestants will have one month to make a song that is forty seconds or longer, and will be required to upload it to YouTube, SoundCloud, or another site (post it in this thread). Songs can be made with any number of people, so if you want to make one by yourself, go for it, or if you want the goons to hop on, then go for it. All songs must have some form of lyrics, and shouldn't just be a beat. Beats do not have to be made. When? March 30th - April 30th How will it be judged? We will make a new post after the end date with a poll and all of the songs, where the community will be able to vote on their favorite. Prizes 1st Place - 2nd Place - 3rd Place -
  5. That was the joke Agreed Shits on the current TTT SM in that post, said TTT SM tries to work with you on ideas after, and now you're here boosting your ego that one of your suggestions finally got added. Strange. You don't have to awaken some third eye to see that the servers are dead... and have been dead/on a decline for months, and I'm not here to tell you that everything is fine, because everything isn't fine. dead
  6. just wait until summer bro trust me