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  1. High chance of the grenade killing another innocent, would probably be used to skirt the rules.
  2. Thanks for the drip @Caution
  3. I’m finally platinum
  4. heyyyyyy 😳😳😳

    1. Abyss


      hello my colleague

  5. Bug with hitman^ While I'm here I figured I'd ask why you guys decided to go with the /roles command instead of just assigning the roles randomly
  6. Big bro

    1. gween


      Luh jit 🤞🤞🤞💉💉

  7. guys i think the srver needs t o be shut down there is too much drama lolz Free @poke and @lobster
  8. Never got around to adding them while I was SM because our main focus was on getting sub-roles out. I’m hoping the next SM, whoever it is, can pick up where we left off.