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  1. i never knew there was an actual list of words u can't say, if i knew i would of looked. just telling u it was a misunderstanding

  2. why did you extend my ban?

  3. yea, well i noticed so far that in most maps, u cant rely shit on teamwork, like space station for example, me and my retarded team mates camp on that mini spaceship, every second a zombie comes, like over 4 zombies, it either gets so hard to shoot these fucks away.....or i just played in a bad day, idk but i think something minor should be done
  4. omg i had wood.............>_>.............. if that girl is a guy, aren't they like the Philippine transvestites that actually look hot in a confusing way? couz i guess thats why i had wood
  5. ................you guys had to bring the sweet memories of ranks back >_> btw shadowex3, your really sexi
  6. so wtf is the point of a thread? well w.e guess ill start playing in napalm
  7. yea but i wouldnt make it 50 seconds when everybody gang bangs the shit out of him, its agonizing when u know hes not gonna die, but have to admit, its quite a workout for ur adrenaline rush, but still think it should be reduced at least a little bit, but of course not too much making it like the old days (like i always liked :ohwell:)
  8. i dont know were else to post this thread but i think this is the best place ok i would like to say that the zombie's health in escape is unfairly high, it's impossible to kill by yourself (even with 2 people, I've seen it and been through it). I don't see any reason to raise their health, it is not like the humans have unlimited ammo, and not even unlimited reload. so mainly, i think the zombie's health should be lowered to at least 25-40% and i think their distance of knifing increased, which btw is also unfair. i just think this is unfair because you cant work as an individual, and even when your with a group of people, either they suck or their really uber, it takes a real long time to kill them, even when their offering themselves to us as a free kill. so i don't about everybody else, as i said before, the zombies health should be reduced at least 25-40% lower than it is right now.
  9. Accidentally deleted your message, can you repeat that. :3

  10. Way to prove my point, I am done trying to make you understand, you are obviously too thickheaded to understand anyway.

  11. Express whatever the fuck you want, disrespecting admins and players through your attitude is against the rules, and if that is how you express your opinion, from being an asshole, then enjoy your time here while it lasts, because you aren't going to last here very long with that attitude.

  12. Well apparently in the demo "I can impersonate admin if there aren't any on or there is a retarded admin" and pretty much acting like you can do whatever the fuck you want, is expressing your opinion.

  13. I don't understand how impersonating is sharing your opinion but okay I guess.

  14. Yeah, but its still an example of your disrespect.

  15. u just love trying to make me look like the bad guy, i understand, u don't have anything to prove, your just trying to make me look like the bad guy because u don't have real specific evidence that i really disrespected admins and players, but only on my speech of opinion thats supposedly against the rules to share your thoughts. its ok, ill let u have ur fun banning me, but ill guarantee you that what comes around, goes around