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  1. Evil Shadow! Last time I saw you you just got unbanned for racisim!

    How you doing bro? It felt like forever!

  2. Please join our new steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamgamers & also invite your friends! See this thread on how to invite all your friends to the steam group!





  3. Evilshadow is my bestist e-rapist/friend.

  4. Jeezzz Evil you little sneak.

  5. Your on team orange now. Congrats.

  6. Orange got a new color

  7. Orange never looked better

  8. If your Pickle then im Murderface.

  9. I con-Queer. Perma all mac-fag-stag-jag-lag-mag-pag users.
  10. You know you want it and resistance is futile.

  11. how about no... xD

  12. I must deficate on your majestical chesticals.

  13. I am going to give you aides. You need it.