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  1. this entire album though. early - mid 2000's vibe
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    yeah when you match with someone, say 'Oh thank God I'm finally able to reach you. Look, the mission went all wrong. I managed to get into the vault, but I've tripped the alarm.' 90% respond with someone back like getting into it, and the other 10% are dumb and don't get it. wait for the response doesn't really matter what they respond with, but lead into something along the lines of 'This is weird, a prompt came up to disable the says 'Hint: (their name) 's phone number. what should I type in? Help me out here' usually always works
  3. Hello everyone, One of the next topics of discussion on the BD plate is providing for a bit more transparency among BD meetings. There have been several ways brought up with doing this - posting notes, posting recordings, allowing people to join the channel but not talk, etc. I'm creating this poll to see who would actually be interested in even attending or following up on stuff like this. If there aren't many people who would be interested, it may not be something we look into implementing. Obviously, there are going to be private topics (such as some punishment discussions) that will not be made public. This isn't to do with IA / BD affairs, it's more meant to be when the BD's get together to discuss major or minor changes in the community. Throwing this poll up to gauge interest, and see if there are any alternative ideas that might be presented. Thanks
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    I promised responses not results
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    oh yeah don’t listen to anything i say then
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    the hilarious thing is people talk shit, but on tinder that line will 100% of the time get you a response from your match
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    i want to paint you green and spank you like a disobedient avocado
  8. still waiting on the new 'realism' patches - mopping in the rain, endless formations, demotions, depression, divorce, etc. gonna be sweet
  9. Anything can be appealed, and the warn in chat or kick policy prior to banning is not discussed our brought up here, so it is not changed. Anything not specifically mentioned can be considered to be unchanged.
  10. Good morning everyone, As I referenced in my previous announcement, we've got some major community changes slowly being implemented. I've got two topics on the list today: Ban policy & Racism. I'm going to talk about our change in our stance on racism first, because it will lead into the next portion regarding bans. For those of you that have been around for awhile, you saw how hardcore our 'No Racism' rule was. People were instantly-banned in some scenarios, or banned heavily oftentimes. In an effort to try and see if there would be some comfortable breathing room by relaxing on that rule, we changed it up to allow racism - but give admins the discretion on how far is too far. The intent was basically to allow light joking, banter, etc. We knew that there would be a few people who took it too far (like with anything), but after letting it play out for awhile, we're ready to change it up a bit again - mainly because it caused confusion among members and admins alike on how far is too far. While the old mentality was too far in one direction, our rule as it stands today is a bit too far in the opposite direction: so we're trying to find the spot in the middle. Racism Effective immediately, we're changing the stance on conduct normally deemed as 'Racism' in SG. Admins and higher, there will be additional threads listed in the admin sections to reemphasize this. Moving forward: Forums - Not allowed in any capacity, meaning no slang, jokes, etc. Music and whatnot in the appropriate section(s) is fine. Discord - Not allowed in any capacity. In an effort to partner with Discord, we are not allowing any and all racist slang, jokes, pictures, etc. However, if you're in a private channel among friends and no one reports anything, did it actually happen? I'm going to leave it at that. Servers - To be straight up with you guys, I had a hard time wording this. I can explain the point we're trying to get at all day and night, but someone will always loophole around whatever we post. We stole this from another community's rules because, honestly, they worded it better than what I could think of. Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Small jokes are fine. Use of the N-word with the hard 'R' is strictly prohibited. To be frank, the hard 'r' was a huge issue, and that's what we're trying to solve. We all like to mess around and tell jokes, but that in particular is not what we stand for or what we encourage people to do. If this continues to be an issue, we will reevaluate our stance and discuss as needed. We have also done away with the 'Bannable Words' list. We all know what should and should not be on that list, so there isn't a need for us to publicly display that. In addition to this, the ban length and general punishments for 'Racism' are going to be lessened, which leads into the next topic: change in ban policy. Ban Policy This is going to be two-part, covering ban policy in general & ban lengths. As it stands now, here are the basic admin rules regarding ban lengths and whatnot: Moving forward, this is what it shall be: You're going to notice a few changes here and there. Mainly, some time lengths got swapped around, we added a 'case-by-case' section, and also incorporate bans that are less than 12 hours. The point of this is not only the aforementioned, but also to restructure the actual '3 strikes, you're out' process we have here. From now on, we're going to handle bans a bit differently as a whole, including leading up to an eventual perm. So, let's dive into it: Time-out bans / Cool-down bans: Any ban length that is less than 12 hours. These bans will not count against somebody's 'record', and are meant to sort of serve as a period of time for a player to chill out for a bit. Sometimes 5 minutes works, and sometimes a bit longer is needed to get the point across. The equivalent to this is how sometimes we will issue a warning to an admin prior to issuing an official strike. These will typically be (but not limited to) handed out on a real-time basis in the servers. There will be situations where someone will be issued multiple cool-down bans without the admin knowing, and at that point just make an increase request. This is not saying that someone can't get multiple cool-down bans, but that it really shouldn't be continuously used if the point is not getting across. Ban #1 & Ban #2: 12 hours to 7 days. These should fall typically closer to lower-end of the spectrum, with the first offense being inside of the windows listed in the table above, and the second just being somewhere @ 7 days or less, depending on severity. Ban #3: 2 weeks to one month. If it is the same offense committed three times, this should be one month. If it's different crap, fall somewhere along the two week line. Ban #4: Three months, regardless of same or different offenses. Ban #5: 6 months, and we will stop saying 'permed' in these instances, instead simply saying 6 months. Someone who is actually 'permed' will be decided upon by the Board (with the possibility of extending this decision to the IA's) and listed in a Do Not Unban list in the higherup section. These will be a bit more uncommon. Extreme offenses, such as doxxing, DoS threats, harassment, sexual harassment, death threats, etc., will be handled on a case-by-case basis. While there are definitely times where these will be permanent, there are also situations that have arisen where we issue something shy of a permanent ban; it's completely dependent on the situation. Additionally, 'alting' on a server after being banned will issue a kick to the player instead of a perm. The point of this is because we may not know if someone is intentionally going to the extent of alting, or is just genuinely confused about why they can't connect to the server. Someone going to the lengths of resetting their IP, changing connection locations, using a VPN, etc., will probably be deemed as intentionally alting and will be bumped up to the next step in the banning process, meaning if they were on ban #3, they will now go to ban #4 for intentionally alting. This will be deemed by the board and / or IA's. Ignoring admins has been moved as well to bans that are less than 12 hours - ie, cooldown bans. While there is merit in the frustration that can occur behind somebody not complying with what you are asking them or telling them as an admin, 'ignoring admins' is a gigantic, catch-all loophole that can be used to circumvent one of the appropriate ban reasons listed above. Instead of taking this away entirely (because of the aforementioned merit), we are just reducing the length of time in which people can be banned for it. If it happens multiple times, it will be addressed - but the point is that people shouldn't be being banned for days on end for 'ignoring admins'. If there isn't a legitimate reason outside of this to ban someone, you should check with an IA, a BD, or just another admin on the legitimacy of the ban itself. The Board fully retains the right to change this process, apply it in a different aspect, or make exceptions when deemed absolutely necessary. While this policy is meant to cover 99% of ban situations, there are going to be people and offenses that will be handled differently due to whatever the unique nature of offense is that may come up. It's a huge change, but ultimately we are hoping to have a tad bit better player-retention by allowing a bit longer of a punishment before going straight to the perms. What this means for players currently permed on a three-strike process (or other): We will need to reevaluate the situation, but they did commit the offenses while the old policy was in place. This will be a case-by-case basis, but anyone may feel free to appeal their ban, regardless of when your appeal date was given (unless you were told not to appeal at all because it is simply 'no'). We will evaluate how they fall into this lineup, but we are not going to go out of our way to unban people who do not appeal. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  11. We are currently looking into expanding our options with Stripe. This may take a little bit of time, but I have an account up and running. I'll work with Liam about getting it integrated.
  12. Hi everyone, There is a long list of crap that the BD's are discussing, which mostly covers major changes as to how we operate as a community. Instead of waiting for us to finish discussing everything, we're just going to push out changes piece by piece as we get to them. Most of us have been pretty busy lately, so it's taking a bit longer to get through everything. Effective immediately: JA's will no longer be required to undergo admin training. We encourage people to reach out to other admins for help, techniques, tips, etc. We also encourage other admins to help out JA's when they see them in the servers. Maybe step back a bit and walk them through how you'd handle a situation in admin chat. This isn't meant to be micromanaging - think 'on the job' training. As always, please reach out if there are ever any questions. There will no longer be a discussion for demotions for JA's who receive a strike within their tenure before becoming SA. While this had good intentions, it is doing us more harm than good because people are afraid to use their powers during that timeframe. JA's will now be held under the same exact system as SA's. After 90 days, just reach out to a BD and we will promote you. There is no discussion that takes will be promoted right away. The point of the 90 day wait is to give some time to gain 'street smarts' with your new powers and abilities and not to go overboard. The jump from JA to SA serves as adding a few more tools in your toolbox. I encourage everyone, of all ranks, to reach out to new JA's during their time and see how they are doing, and if they need any help. There will be no official process for this, but please feel free to reach out and check how people are doing. Additionally, to make it abundantly clear: the goal of a 'punishment' system is not to remove an admin. The entire point of it is trying to fix shit at the lowest possible level that we can. Admin retention is our priority; we're not trying to remove people. Any questions, please reach out and ask.
  13. The two party system is dumb for several reasons. The main one that presents itself (to me) is that either side pushes the agenda of what should be placed into law based upon what that party's typical associated views point to. While there are certain undeniable and basic rights that present themselves in the Constitution (and other legal text), there are a lot of things that may just be a viewpoint - and should be left at that. What I mean by that is: while we may have different opinions of something that falls outside of a basic right, the question isn't which opinion is right and which is wrong - it's 'Should the Government be given the ability to force this - one way or the other?' To me, the majority of the time, that answer is simply 'no'. For example, the government should never have even had the ability to block gay marriages, because a 'marriage license' is a fucking ridiculous concept to begin with. If you need official documentation for tax purposes, that's fine, but getting approval on that should be as basic as making sure it's two living people that don't violate one of the basic laws referred to above (pedophilia, incest, etc.) that no matter where we fall politically, can all agree socially it is not okay. I can go on and on with examples - abortion, guns, selling lemonade on the street corner without a business license, etc., but at the end of the day I feel like the concept put in place by the founding fathers was lost in that aspect. Additionally, the electoral college is dumb in the aspect of them not even having to vote for the popular vote in their state respectively lol. Sure, they can be fined, but states lack the constitutional authority to remove an electoral college voter who sways against the popular majority. TLDR: yes, the vast majority of the time the popular vote in the state will win those electoral votes (save for the few that have it actually built in to split votes), but they can still vote the exact opposite way, rendering your vote even more useless. It is a pledge violation and they can face fines, but that does not mean their vote gets removed.
  14. This is the new info that got pushed out to admins right now. It is kept broad to incorporate freekilling on PB as well. Hey everyone, We've had a policy in place where admins were not allowed to punish other players for breaking rules if they did not see the situation unfold. The CA+ team re-evaluated this policy and determined that it would be in our best interest to change how our admins are able to administrate the servers. From now on, you don't have to witness a situation unfold with your own eyes to give out punishments. If you can determine a rule was broken through investigation you are allowed to punish for it. While we're being a lot more lenient with acting on these situations, you're still being held accountable for making the right decisions so make sure you're confident in your decision before handing out a punishment. We understand that mistakes happen, but we don't want to see it become a repeat issue. Don't go over the top with this change and investigating; your job as admin is to keep the servers fun.
  15. Just sent it out a few hours ago. The original goal we had set among BD’s was $1500, so it’s awesome to see that we doubled it...and then some. Roux, I wish you and yours nothing but the best. While money can’t replace everything, hopefully this helps replace a few things. We understand your need to step down and focus on real life; just know that you will always have a place here as a BD, should you want to come back. Thank you for hard work and dedication here over the past few years. Good luck, buddy.