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  1. you cant make us play deathgame and then you left cuz you got scared cuz veggie is here lol...

  2. How the **** did you get admin??? jk <3

    Congratz!!! :d

  3. Hehe yeah, it was.. I chose to get it removed because I'm not that active anymore..

  4. Telechubbie gemme ur fat! <3

    or i will eat u up!!! :)

  5. Jizzy sup bro?... :)

  6. But why are u not an admin it was fun when u burned us in jb... D:

  7. Thanks! :)

    I'm a reg now.. My birthday present from SG!

  8. happy birthday! :d

    but u are a admin not sg reg? :S

  9. pfft was lolzy to me xD

  10. ye i know...not funny...i was gonna do that u idea stealer!!! D:


  11. I made him think I was hacking him under different name ;D

  12. NOBODY make Telechubbie sad NOBODY!!!!.....exept me.... :)

  13. SHAME ON U TELECHUBBIE.....SHAAAME ON UUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

    pew pew is so angry pew pew is gonna EAT U UP!!!!!!!!!! D: