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Sloth's Corny joke of the week! Season 4 Week 3

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Howdy Y'all!


ITS THAT TIME OF THE WEEK AGAIN. The MOMENT you all have been for has finally ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!



I'm your humbly magnificent host Sloth "Caido" Junior!


First I'd like to wish my wonderful fans a Happy New Year and hope everyone has enjoyed their first week of 2023!


Aside from that "Letzduit".


What did the triangle say to the circle?




Really had some rough angles on that one...


What did one toilet say to another?



You look FLUSHED!!!!

Hahaha, that one really left a stain :ThRza:


ANNNDDDDD For our last joke of the WEEK!


What does corn say when it gets a compliment?



Aw, shucks!


Oh boy what a great group of jokes we had this week! I've got to say I think they're getting better and better.


Well enough of that! THANK YOU FOR READING and hope y'all are ready for NEXT WEEKs episode of Sloth's Corny joke of the week!!!!!!!!!


See ya next week!:1hunna:

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