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  1. Join the event while I’m on
  2. Can you also remove the white borders while you're at it and this one Do your magic
  3. I'd rather die than see a good guys emote on SG
  4. happy birthday greggy

  5. happy birthday greggy

  6. happy birthday greggy

  7. Hello everyone. This month I have the pleasure of awarding two hard working individuals our Staff of the Month award. I'd like to start this off with my utmost gratitude to both of these staff members for their amazing work in back end discussion and implementation of our new admin Infraction system. I have had the pleasure of managing and working alongside these two gentleman for over a year now and can personally attest to their fantastic work ethic and dedication to keeping our servers and community civil and free of any rule breakers. That being said, please join me in congratulating @crazedkangaroo and @Infinityward for achieving Staff of the Month!
  8. Funny clips. Nice editing. Good quality. Apply for the design team