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  1. Im so going to be here for this. @Trazz I better see your bitch ass in this event.
  2. william would like to be your susan 

  3. A lot of people voted yes for class limits without giving their reasoning as to why or what the class limit should be so please do so. As a long time player of TF2 and having been very active on our newly released servers, I definitely don't believe we have had any issues with teams stacked with one or two specific classes. This being said, I also don't think our servers have been out long enough for us to determine whether or not we are in need class limits. At the very least give it a week or two for us to develop a more concrete population to determine if this becomes an actual issue.
  4. Idk guys... I dont think launch day went well.... I think we got to scrap the servers :/
  6. Holy shit dude, im so sorry for what you had to go through. Ill make sure to be at the stream and give what I can.
  7. There's obviously some kind of language barrier here... what's your definition of disappointing again?
  8. bro.... not cool

  9. Shut up Greggy

  10. Now this.... this is epic pog champ. Amazing job to everyone who worked on this!