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    TF2 Update

    Yeah I heard about this the day the video came out but I couldn't find the original full interview. Initially I was extremely excited and thought of the most amazing things Valve could possibly be adding like, the long promised Heavy update from 4 years ago but alas.... this is most likely not what is going to happen. Gaben was in a room with press and young (maybe student?) interviewers. How much bad press coverage do you think he would have received if he had said "no there aren't any updates planned" or something about minor bug/map fixes like they always roll out once every other month. He was also then asked if Valve currently has any fixes in the work for the absolute gigantic shitstorm of a problem that casual servers are facing right now with the immense amount of hackers/bots/cheaters in every lobby. He replied with yes and that they have new fixes that they'll be trying but this is not the first, or second, .... or tenth time valve had said something about implementing fixes for this infection of hackers. So no, I'm not getting my hopes up just to be disappointed all over again when this has been the largest issue in TF2's history and has lasted for almost 2-3 years. This interview seemed more like a big press stunt rather than any genuine announcement of future change coming to the game and it worked. The entire community is talking about this and if Valve doesn't stop the BS and actually deliver on their word, the game is going to keep dying out slowly and potentially never recover.
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    I hope you have a wonderful day chinchilla man, i hope the bird is well. 

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  7. “I just lag, not toggle” has been permanently banned for constant use of exploits, afk credit farming, and is suspected of wall hacking.
  8. SG is older then roughly 80% of all JB players. Literally a daycare at this point but nonetheless Long Live SG. Also sick event idea, definitely gonna be on for Hide and Seek.