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  1. *yikes* Not gonna argue about what country was worse to the Indigenous people cause that's dumb but you probably shouldn't be the ones pointing fingers either lol. Best thing anyone can do is learn about what actually happened and pass that knowledge to anyone else misinformed. As for Thanksgiving plans, I'm just going to be hanging out with my family having fun. One of my favorite holidays because of the time I get to spend with them.
  2. Definitely Thanksgiving for me. My family and I aren't religious so we don't celebrate Christmas but we open our present up on New Year's Eve. Thanksgiving is usually just a really wholesome time for my family and its always nice to see that.
  3. TF2 in 2008 on my sisters steam account because my parents didnt think I was old enough to have my own steam account at the time lol
  4. Big thank you to Nishok and Virus. Top G's Congrats to all of you, you each deserve this recognition for the work you have all contributed. @triou you are the funniest mf I've played with on ttt in a very long time and you don't even use your mic.
  5. +1 on never letting @Gator make another promotion thread ever again. Congrats to all of you.
  6. This is actually something I wanted to bring up. Not just kevlar and helmet but in general what is everyone’s opinion on the format of the menu lists for all roles and if you would change anything what would it be and where? I feel like the menu lists can be very cluttered and unorganised when playing and can unintentionally effect gameplay.
  7. For the love of god @Gatorquit it with these dry ass fucking promo threads yo. Congrats Fuze.
  8. Congratulations to all the newcomers and welcome back to those returning.
  9. Depends on how you define success in this circumstance. If you're going to use server ranking position as a measurement for success then ZE would be the most successful as it reached 2nd of all CSGO servers. Obviously its past success doesn't translate to todays current position so again, its the way you define success that can change the answer you're looking for.
  10. No offense taken, we understand that in order for real substantial change to occur, sometimes, being brutally honest is the best path forward. I won’t speak for the rest of the board but I’ll give my 2c. I believe we have moved too far from being brutally honest and making the tough decisions of letting certain people come back or go. For some time now our mindset was to focus on leniency and give multiple chances but, it’s become increasingly obvious that this way of thinking has gone too far and have made people feel too comfortable staying within our ranks without the risk of being removed dishonourably. If you are a person within our ranks that feels like theirs no pressure to commit to action and start putting in the effort, you won’t last long.
  11. VP and P changes are currently off the table as Caution and Gator are currently very active and have been constantly discussing changes and issues surrounding the community. We currently have a BD meeting planned for 9/4 and have many topics in our agenda. A BD meeting notes thread may or may not be released, will determine soon whether or not this will be necessary. With that being said this thread and general topic discussion will definitely be brought up as multiple BDs, including myself, are in agreement with some of the points you have brought up.
  12. We did have a conversation on whether or not the AO team should be given a manager but we decided that as of right now there won't be one and that the BD's will have a more direct line of communication and role in guiding and helping the AO's. The idea of having an AO manager is absolutely not off the table and can be brought back if we feel the current way isn't working but we hope it doesn't come to that. That's the plan. Seriously? I would have understood why you'd ask this if you didn't keep up with the forums often but you literally read the Rank Restructuring thread released over a week ago where our plan and reasoning behind these changes are laid out. I genuinely cannot tell if you wrote this purposefully to make us out to look bad but we did exactly what you claimed we didn't in terms of transparency. The only thing I suppose needing clarification would be our 'end goal' as that wasn't mentioned in any recent thread because we didn't feel the need to clarify on something that has practically never changed. Its always been to grow our CSGO servers and branch out however we can with the clearest lines of communication throughout our staff ranks, hence these latest changes. Also, half of our BD did not change. We had 2 people who stepped down due to their own personal reasons and one person join it to fill in some of the gaps. That's it.