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Return of Tier 3

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Hey Y'all, I'm glad to announce Tier 3 has been readded to the server!


After holding the poll last month to gauge some opinions the majority of you all voted to readd Tier 3 to the server, so that's exactly what I did!


As you are reading this Tier 3 has been put live into the server!


The way we set this up was to only allow Tier 3 to be nominated/ voted for when the player count is equal to or less then 8. We felt like this would be a good number as if anyone is ever on the server themselves or with friends they may play any of the maps offered. However, if we begin to gain a big population switching to a more difficult tier map may cause players to leave as not everyone is able to complete the more difficult tiers. So to keep it fair we set a reasonable number for the current state of the server. As we grow further we may certainly revisit this number and make any appropriate changes.


Now the exciting part!

Here are the maps that we have added to Tier 3 at this moment. We will be adding more Tier 3 maps as time passes, but these are some great ones to start with Right Now!


Tier 3 Maps


surf_kitsune2_go (T3 12S)

surf_midsommar (T3 3S)

surf_sirius (T3 L)

surf_adventure_easy (T3 L)


As usual if anyone has any maps they would like to add to Tier 3 or the server in general let me know!


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