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  1. Peanut has a warday section on the map but there is a map with a random wards built into it that might make an appearance on the server not sure yet. So for now we will just stick with peanut
  2. Hello so i took some polls in game and on the forums and i tallied up the votes and here is what is coming back (majority temp) to jailbreak There are 3 maps being added as of today those maps are jb_obama_v5_beta_fixv2 jb_marioworld_rsc_sgedit_v4 jb_peanut_v3r Still working on getting more suggestions for maps/plugins But for the plugin scene coming back is T ranks. T ranks have been brought back by popular demand. Let me know what else you would like to see come back/ be added to jailbreak
  3. This is how i find out you dont need to go around and ask people i just want to know what you find boring/not fun in maps and from their i can ask others if they feel the same about said map. also the suggestions was more for maps you would like to see get added if there was any confusion on that
  4. Make some suggestions and ill look at them
  5. So im interested to see what kind of changes you guys are interested in doing/adding/removing to Jailbreak. So let me hear what you want to see change about jailbreak as a whole weather it be maps rules addons lr ect i want to hear it
  6. In the future use this to make map suggestions/removal requests That being said i can look into these maps for ya P.s Its not just me putting effort forth for jb big help is @BoTo for helping fix plugins and the players for jumping on and dealing with my pings in the discord
  7. New title I am the rapper 8/10
  8. Twas a fun event man
  9. There is no real need to change the death game time as guards can do optional death games at any point in the round by simply saying "All ts that want to do an optional death game got to my marker" but i get that not a lot of guards do this and not a lot use the map games when they do. These two kind of go hand in hand. The cts give freedays so that ts can explore the map(If they so choose) and gives the guards a small break from barking orders over the mic. Now if they are doing this every round just let them know that they are supposed to be giving different orders every round or at least not the same orders for more than 2 rounds in a row. For the most part if the cts do what they are supposed to do it shouldn't get boring as fast. and if the cts are not doing these things you could always hop on ct your self (Given that the ratio wont be messed up if you do) and lead by example (Not a lot of the guards know about these things such as the optional death games or repeated orders). and if it comes down to it you can always call an admin to lend a hand our staff team is always willing to lend a hand to keep the servers fun. If you have anymore concerns feel free to dm me or make/add to this post and i will try my best to help you out. Have fun man!
  10. I work on Mondays homie
  11. Naw frontier internet homie