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  1. I would like to inform those who do not know the t menu only adds 1 extra weapon of choice to the round not 3. once one t buys a usp the glock and the taser are disabled and i would also like to point out that each gun only gets one mag when its bought from the t menu.
  2. Maybe but majority of the pop likes it so its here to stay
  3. Send me a model file and done
  4. T ranks have been back for a few months now
  5. The menu has been reworked. also if you don't like it just don't use it?
  6. Currently, talking to boto about this This is being worked on as we speak I and Dominic have to sit down and talk about this one still can't due to work rn I don't really see an issue with this but again I will talk with Dominic about this
  7. 8/6/2022 Added New plugin that allows players to toggle the function of grenades in game New functions are Proximity mine (limit one every minute due to balancing) impact (Explodes on impact as stated by the name) Trip wire (Allows players to set up a claymore so to speak Also limited to 1 per minute due to balancing). Added A plugin that gives the ts a menu (similar to the ct menu) that allows them to buy a variety of items with points acquired by playing the rounds. items are glock (one per round) usp (one per round) Zeus x27 (One per round) Armor boost (gives 50 body armor) Frag grenade (one per round) Health boost (Gives 50 hp with a max hp limit of 100) Also a big thank you to @BoTofor working on these plugins for me
  8. Sounds like a date!
  9. Thank you all who came out was alot of fun hope to see you Very Soon!
  10. Hey man, voice your opinion on how you feel I won't take it personally. As for the"More effort" I can see why you would say that is I don't really consult with the chats on what I'm doing on the reg but if you would like to know I have been looking into 6 new maps a few new plugins, some player models, I have several events lined up for this coming month, etc. Along with asking the players of the community what they would like to see changed added and removed witch I might add instead of saying "oh just make me server manager and ill do it" reach out to me and lmk what you have in mind and ill see what I can do. If you would like to know more feel free to dm me on steam discord or right here on the forums and we can talk more. (Also keep note that I do have a job and a family that comes first )
  11. Yo, I think you miss spelled jb don't worry it happens to go the best of us.
  12. Zero Two

    Cheater in bhop

    There is a section on the forums to post player complaints here is the link to it You should also provide evidence that the player is cheating or use !calladmin in game when he is on so we can see if he's cheating
  13. Bump this event is in 2 hours!!!