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  1. Finally one that I can attended
  2. Zero Two

    PSA: jb_clouds

    This would be treated as an invalid order and a new order would need to be given so as a prisoner just let the gards know it's not allowed and follow the previous order till a new/valid order is given.
  3. For starters !sticker is a command for supporters. The other thing with the saving a load out !ws saves the skin you last used on the weapon of your choice so there is no real need for a load out plugin when the plugin we have works fine but I will say a "loadout" share/copy system might be nice I don't see people using it but maybe I'm wrong on that. Custom weapon models would be nice but idk if that's something we can achieve on csgo.
  4. that right there is why i dont play ze often
  5. Grats on ca homie

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      Zero Two

      Thanks my man

  6. This should be interesting
  7. Droids are not apart of the empire they are apart of the separatists alliance and where is maul??? p.s. revan was before the empire so there is that to
  8. @ShadoTheLunatici had this issue a few months back I had to delete all the maps from my save folder and redownload them to fix it hope this helps
  9. I have been trying to find the words to describe how sadden I am by roux passing and I'm still at a loss for words. Roux was one of the few people who welcomed me into sg when i first joined back in 2016 and helped me learn the ropes of this community. helped me find my place in this massive community and he introduced me to a lot of people(Soon to be friends) all over. The impact he had on us all just goes to show how much of a truly genuine guy he was he is and always will be in our hearts and in our thoughts. Rest easy and fly high my friend
  10. Do you live under a rock???