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  1. Thank you for your time and stay safe my friend
  2. That's what I'm saying the cts get to buy extra health media shots and other things why can't we let the ts buy a smoke nade or some armor to help counter the ct buffs
  3. It wouldn't be at any time it would last the same as the jihad. So the first 15 seconds of the round @Dom
  4. I feel we should change up how the ts obtain their contraband. With this idea we would put a t buy menu in place where a number of ts can buy armor,jihads,media shots, etc. Now I'm not saying put guns in there but I feel it would spice up the game mode keep the cts on there feet and it would make rebeling a bit more interesting. Now how it would work would be a lot like the jihad system we have now only a select number of ts could buy the contraband per round with in-game money.And for those who will ask they will be limited to 1 purchase per round Feel free to give suggestions for this idea I'm open.
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    Been playing a bit more ttt I feel I'm up to the task. I shall end your rain of terror that has been bestowed upon the ttt community. See you on the fields of war my friend. ~Jb's own Knife Fight King.
  6. I can get behind this as someone who used to love the jihad it seems to have lost it's touch in the community and it's over all damage output seems to be lower then what it was. I feel it would bring new life to the jihad if we could pull this off. bring the jihad back to it's former glory
  7. I think it would be a nice change of pace to do it I'm down
  8. @The Real Slim Jimi would like to apologize for that I did get flustered the next time I'm on when you are I will slay for you that's 100% my fault and I won't be doing it again I feel we can work past this and hope to be good friends.
  9. This is something I also would like to know cuz I have been trying to pick peoples brain on this question an answer would be nice
  10. Quality selection on the games thanks for the giveaway @Dreamz