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The Last of Us Finale...

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And it has come to an end. This was a perfect adaptation.

Seeing the characters come to life, seeing references to the game, familiar locations and changes here and there were all perfect in my eyes. They pulled off the last episode perfectly, every minute detail was so good. If you haven't watched it you really should. Bella Ramsey; regardless to what people say is a perfect Ellie, and Pedro Pascal IS Joel. I am truly am speechless with how well this went.

Biggest gripe for me was the overuse of hand-held. I wish they used more static shots than all the shaky camera's that they had. Or when Joel doesn't say, "Oh, he ain't even hurt." other than those things, I absolutely loved the show. The cinematography was great, the CGI and Craig Mazin as a whole was phenomenal. So excited for season 2 to come out.



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