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I know there has been an issue with lag for a few years now, particularly when players connect/disconnect there is sometimes a brief lag spike. On top of that I have noticed a new source of lag. In the time between when players lose connection with the server and being kicked for timeout, I have experienced constant lag that spans minutes long making surf somewhat unplayable. After the players are kicked for lost connection timeout I seem to no longer lag. I'm not sure if this is only a me problem but it has happened to me twice so far.


I don't know what you guys have looked at over the years to attempt to fix this issue but I'm going to throw a wild guess and say that the connecting and disconnecting lag could be related to player model loading since it is client side lag. Not sure how difficult it would be, but a way to help deduce the issue could be to add something similar to http tracing to help find the connect/disconnect issue.

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