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  1. Surf Event Submission In-game name: Epic Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62510216 Time for submission: 57:14 Screenshot of time: https://imgur.com/NaUPqoy Video Submission (Optional):
  2. Now they're not so secret secrets. otherwise known as easter eggs.
  3. Made this video that shows all secret locations for afterglow. Here it is if anyone's interested.
  4. I took way too long compressing the cover photo gif.

  5. Map: surf_rooftopsv2 not sure how this happened but I broke the record on stage 9 on an 8 stage map. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21428[/ATTACH]
  6. Surf Event Submission What is your in-game name? EpicFP What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_0:1:62510216 Time for submission: 45:70 Screenshot of time [ATTACH=CONFIG]21425[/ATTACH] Video Submission (optional) N/A
  7. Map: Any There is a bug that seems to happen randomly involving stage record times. Today I was playing on surf summer and when I reset my run on stage 4 or 5, and completed stage 1 over again and when I completed stage 1 I broke the stage 4 record shaving about 1.5 seconds off of it. I'm not really sure why this happened but it has happened to me and others a few times before. I know this isn't a map problem because this bug has affected some kitsune stage record times. See screenshot for evidence. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21416[/ATTACH]
  8. There are a few other maps that have the same issue and have buggy teleports where speed doesn't transfer, I believe that surf aqua is one of them.
  9. Still an issue.
  10. Niko, It's Roman. Lets go bowling!
  11. Map: surf_mynah_final At some point in this map everyone gets teleported to a jail and cannot go back to the surf stages using any commands. I'm not sure what is triggering this but I think it might be on a timer. This has happened every time I have played this map. (about 4 times)