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ttt_community_bowling Suggestion

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    Gmod - TTT
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    Usually seen in conjunction with its sister map, community_pool, this map, ttt_community_bowling is an easy pick for any server must-have list.

    On first glance, the main attraction of this map is the large bowling area that most will spawn in, and, despite being a wide-open area, it's not without cover, sneaky places to snipe from, or corridors to disappear into. All of the bowling lanes end in a small hole that can only be accessed from the hallway behind them, and a player can easily fire into the open bowling area. The adjoined lobby, lounge, and kitchen are all high-traffic areas, but the lounge comes with the added bathrooms and T-Room to sneakily make plays and get away unscathed.

    But, most importantly, are the back hallways. The long stretches of space are prime sniping positions for a T falling back or an Inno/Detective holding down the T-Tester to improve their odds against the backstabbers among them. This is, in reality, the most high-traffic area of the map and, quite possibly, the most-used T-Tester to be found in any given TTT map, even compared against 67thway's versions.

    This map isn't without a secret to be found, and a token one at that, but it demonstrates the love that went into crafting the map overall.

    [Recommended player count: 4-16]
  • Screenshots attached
    Main bowling area:



    Eastern hallway to T-Tester:

    Northern hallway to T-Tester:

    Hallway behind the T-Tester+T-Room:

    The T-Tester:

    The T-Room:
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Really not seeing the appeal of this map other than giving you the ability to bowl. 80% of the map is one big, open room, and while you can take cover behind the various ball returns/booths, you can't exactly sneakily kill someone in this room outside of sniping them from the opposite end or from the back hallway. Unfortunately, said back hallway is similarly a single, endless lane, and doing much of anything in it would be visible from the opposite end.


The other rooms are oddly populated with every major character from the Half Life 2 and a handful of random props. The kitchen is a no-go zone - it's tiny and there are 2 traitor traps in it so there's no way it'd be a 'high-traffic' area.


I just don't think it's good.

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Honestly, I've played a lot of this map, and I'm not sure I've ever actually sat there and thrown bowling balls down the lanes. Can't remember a time.


The main area is large, but @fozilla mirefox made it perfectly clear in rounds of this map that sniping from across it is a perfectly viable strategy, especially since, in TTT, the sniper shots don't echo through the room like one would expect. As far as I was always concerned, being in the big, open room itself was a death sentence, so I would avoid it, preferring to be in the back halls, where there's more than enough to keep you occupied for a full round. The main area became, if anything, the place to escape to temporarily after something happens in the back halls.


As stated, too, the T-Tester on this map is, in my experience, the highest-traffic T-Tester in any map, and manages to keep rounds both focused out of the main area, and tense, because not attacking it is a major weakness for the Ts.


This could be a difference in play style or time played, but community_bowling always stands out in my mind as an excellent TTT map specifically because it creates tension across the entire play space, even when somewhere between a third to half of it is a death trap, just waiting to get your head shot off if you linger.

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The majority of this map is a large open room, where straying away from it just leads to large open corridors. Even the side rooms along the corridors are large and devoid of anything interesting. It also appears the the traitor tester has a traitor room behind it with a button that immediately and permanently destroys the tester. Sure, you could score some scout kills, but there isn't really anywhere to hide aside from praying nobody is nearby and beelining for the traitor room, and any map where the traitors have to fall back on the scout as a crutch for poor map design is a big red flag (see: crummycradle).

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