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  1. Full map name: ttt_treetops_mc_b1 Add/Remove Add What server is this suggestion for? TTT Link to map download: Additional information: Well, this is what I've had stewing since June. Nothing special, really, just never got around to finishing it. I present a(another) Minecraft TTT map. Yeah, yeah, say what you want but the Minecraft theme is very easy to work with if you don't want to spend time modeling or detailing. Screenies on gamebanana (Copied from Gamebanana) Here is an original level idea crafted () with love. Features: - Guns - Barrels that drop things - A bottom(less) pit - Rain - Spooky atmosphere - Textures from Marca, I edited some VMF files to get desired behavior( This is a beta version, but I may never update it; as such, this may be the final state of the map. Screenshots attached:
  2. Full map name: ze_thousand_steps_b7 Add/Remove Add What server is this suggestion for? Link to map download: Additional information: It is a fun map, used to be on the server and now I miss it. Please add it back Screenshots attached:
  3. Opt-out and grabbing used to be on the server years ago, both got removed for respectable reasons. Opting-out of detective made the same few people detective every round and was limiting the roles that they would end up playing. Grabbing would consistently crash the server. Personally I would love both to be on the server to have more parity with the Gmod version, but this is the sacrifice to play TTT in CSGO.
  4. i must say, that banner still looks quite spiffing!!
  5. Full map name: ttt_breakthrough_v2 Add/Remove/Fix? Add What server is this suggestion for? TTT Link to map download: Additional information: This is the daylight version of breakthrough that @Gentoo requested I make. I fixed some things I didn't like and added things I wanted to. Made the lighting look like daytime. Overall, I am very happy with how this looks and will likely experiment more with different lighting conditions on my old maps. Tell me if there are any content issues/outstanding bugs, please. Imgur Album below Screenshots attached:
  6. what a beautiful banner, love the colors!@
  7. Submitted a new version of this several days ago.
  8. [video=youtube_share;kXLu_x0SRm4]
  9. When I'm mapping now, I just try to prevent putting any M4A4s in the map because they are just too powerful for our server. It is almost no fun at all to kill/be killed with the M4A4. The magazine size and damage against unarmored foes is too strong. I think replacing them with the Galil/FAMAS has worked so far. The M4A1-S has a similar role in our TTT sandbox, where it is more powerful since it is a suppressed detective AND traitor weapon. I think using the M4A1 as a traitor is way too safe, since no one can kill you for having it despite them knowing you probably bought it from the T menu. I've also done this with the P90 and Bizon for the same reasons. Mag-size combined with damage. 50 or 64 rounds is enough to hose three innocents with ease, and the only people who will be safe from the Bizon will be detectives and traitors with armor. Movement speed is also a big factor that heavily changes why CSGO is faster than Gmod. You really can't use the M249 or Negev as a traitor other than as a meme gun because they hit the movement speed so much. If they had the same movement speed as all the other guns, I'm sure that they would be abused like the M4 is. I made a joke suggestion once to @Im Sad that we should take the UMP out of the maps and find a way to give it massive aim punch, regardless of armor, and give them to Detectives. It was a joke mostly because I don't think there is a way to affect aim punch values with commands like we can with damage values. If we could do that along with some damage shifting, it would shake up the server from being a glorified deathmatch. But the players probably like the server just being a deathmatch anyways.