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I've been collecting vinyls more and more recently normally buying them from a shop in person though I have ordered 1-2 online.


I will most likely post about my collection another time because this is not related to the collection as a whole but a particular vinyl i found and bought on a limb 


i still haven't fully comprehended the whole idea surrounding the vinyl itself and the reasoning on why it was made but I genuinely enjoyed a lot of the tracks on it 


it seems to be based of this guy 


You Have Questions About 'The Room.' Tommy Wiseau Has Answers, Kind Of. -  The New York Times


If you don't recognize him he's from this clip (Tommy Wisaeu - Glorious Director and Actor for "The Room") 



Continuing on though this album genuinely was an interesting listen with poppy colors and well coordinated instrumentals - though i found it more as an interesting piece just out of obscurity i do genuinely enjoy it - a perk that i enjoyed of it too was that is comes in a randomized color (i found non of the options ugly so it was a plus for me)


this is what it looks like 




though this doesn't reflect my music taste i found it interesting enough to share - i hope you enjoyed this touchy segment - next time i will most likely go through my collection and list vinyls i am interested in getting (most of the time the ones i want are already sold out so i would have to wait for represses)


i hope this wasn't to long to read since i format really weirdly  - if you do have questions for some reason i would love to talk about it!


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