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  1. eltouchytouchy if i am correct i’ll check when I am home. hopefully i’ll have time to join this one!
  2. just had a nice dinner with your mother 🙏

  3. Event’s tommorow! Make sure to show up!
  4. Game 2 icebox touchy#6969 if space needed for others games would be glad to fill
  5. yellow, nice.

  6. Bump! Make sure to show up to this event!
  7. happy this was taken in place was gonna do this event but i've been incredibly busy I'll try to show up!
  8. when are you getting on jb :kekl:

    1. The Real Slim Jim

      The Real Slim Jim

      I will play more on weekends 


      Don't worry I'm just putting effort I to work at the moment, I'll take some pics and vids and upload them to show you guys what I've been doing in the meantime.

  9. Make sure to show up to the event today!
  10. wait no joke who will i bully now.


    come back right now 


    like right now 

  11. Honestly not gonna read the other peoples responses written since I see the first sentence saying they would love to see this implemented. I would only suggest the things being added that may be cool for T’s. So like a short speed boost (like sprint), tasers, tact grenade, med shot, etc. Honestly great idea to spice up the server.
  12. camp armory in razor one more time again and i will ban you!!!!!!