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  1. biting my nails. horrible habit that both fucking hurts and looks ugly
  2. when you coming back to hold events 

    1. Amazing


      I've caused too much trouble in this community to hold events

  3. communtiy advisor

    1. touchy


      advisor community

  4. holy shit i forgot that you existed 

    1. kuri


      who are you?


  5. poop


    1. fru!ty


      thats what im saying

  6. not surprised at all saw it on twitter when i was in a line what i find funny is how he gets tattoos of every girlfriend he has. even getting one if kim k’s kids too. his body is like the vandalism on a highschool bathroom stall
  7. yo update your sketchbook you bum

    1. cewr


      i've been drawing a lot of cool stuff! you just wait!

  8. In-game name: 114 Time for submission: 58:82 Screenshot of time:
  9. this is a genuine question i’ve had for awhile about sg servers. i never asked it because i was both lazy and preferred to see other peoples opinions than give my own. my question really is around the idea that NA servers are dead. i see loads of people say this and use this as an escape or excuse. i myself don’t see this as the truth and see it as more of a stunt towards progression. i see other servers doing amazing like eGO with high pops in both ttt and jailbreak that is always consistent throughout the day. i myself play on these servers from time to time to just get a little feel on what the sg servers were like. i see old regulars from our servers playing on these servers and just don’t see the excuse that NA servers are dead. maybe it’s just an exception or we just fell off but i do see a possibility even if the slightest ever to get pop again. i just want a someone to elaborate a bit more on why “NA servers is dead” is a valid excuse. i dont get taken seriously much at all but i do want to see sg have some playerbase again. (from my understanding eGO is an NA server, if it’s not rip to my entire response)
  10. i listen to a podcast and fall asleep normally mid way through
  11. @Zero Twoadd the zt model so i can use credits please
  12. i replied to nekomancer on mine and it was genuine clarification from what i remember and he changed his abstain to a support after so it doesn't fuck you over all the time just shouldn't sidetrack or fill up your admin application with random shit
  13. touchy


    so sad genuinely an entertaining person and great content creator he will be missed