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  1. you've spent more time shit posting than @carrolltonhas spent on jb good thread for you
  2. well no While most of what you said was true it doesn't really add up to what giraff is saying. If someone gets boosted on to medic and stays on a roof they are not kos if they use the vending machine secret they are kos. Since there's are multiple ways to get to this location kos as a ct if you see a t there coming from armory or garage you can't kill them since you truely don't know what way they got to the location of medic roof. Same for the map vip as if you get on top off the cells through the boxes or a kos secret if a ct does not know how you got there then the reasoning would be a freekill. I would wait for an sm response like @TheZZL to be sure of this situation.
  3. is that the real popular twitch streamer sg touchy, you're so hot!!!!

  4. i hope your cereal is moist and soggy today 

    1. fru!ty


      i dont eat cereal, and when i do; i eat it dry because im lactose intolerant

  5. dont cheat!

  6. come back i need to rdm you

    1. Amazing


      fan. fan activity.

  7. ayo when we hvhing on servers???

  8. come back to servers

    1. Darnias


      suck my nuts


    2.  touchy
    3. Darnias


      Actually no idea who you are, but yeah no.

  9. yo lil durk looking a bit different 

  10. i play ttt more but honestly think jb has the better chance
  11. wait a minute 


    you're not Kayne



  12. cereal

    1. Brian


      Ur actually so obese

    2.  touchy


      ill feed you regular cheerios without milk you fuck if you say that again