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  1. If you did not know you can give your rules after a ct accepts lr now
  2. Don't see the point of this. If you are have the first shot as ct quickly checking wouldn't be hard. Also gun toss rules are pretty easy to follow. Taking this away would just completely fuck over the people who dont talk in servers
  3. I feel that if it is easily shown that a ct walks into a person to be damaged and others notice the T shouldn't be killed but instead the ct should be punished for it only. Some situations there can be an easy difference to tell. I would love to hear others opinions.
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  5. winning party in a gun toss never killed the ct so he would not be kos @20 scrollsscrolls summed it up well in both of the replies on both of the threads
  6. only 3,644 so far and its gonna keep going
  7. I love this idea. Crackhouse is really fun and would be great to play on!
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    Global Elite smh
  9. .touchy

    Dead voicechat

    Though this can lead to ghosting it kinda comes on both parts. If there was an implementation to avoid this it would be nice honestly but it does seem to be the best way to communicate with both enemy and teammates when dead currently. Though the most I could see ghosting going for is giving out callouts of where the enemy player is.
  10. In-Game name: touchy but at the time kenny SteamID: STEAM_1:1:503067057 Time for submission: 1:36 Screenshot of time: Video (optional):
  11. talk to my lawyer @Acer

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      nah im kicking u from your own clan

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      @Yoddryour just mad I made the couse challenge thing auto 

  12. pffft wheres the proof of it