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  1. Awh shit , if I see you on MG and you and blood gang up on me , Im going to sue somebody :(

    1. .touchy


      you know it ;)


  2. This is kinda difficult to be punishable on but there may be scenarios that are really obvious. Not to be rude of course but as an example you had with popo it was very obvious that there was some form of teaming there but there could be instances where someone is kos and they walk by an inno. It could be teaming or it could be the fact the inno did not notice or it could be that they didn't shoot the person for some reason. It would be hard to tell or punish for.
  3. saw this earlier but seems like everyone covered everything. tbh its unfortunate if you get tased early round but it all really is your fault if you since you have time to get a weapon and kill easily also helping from delay and making you kill more.
  4. Yeah, I know regs and new people that always miss the haste rounds. And a sound could implement an easier way to notice for the people.
  5. im finally using forums again so you smell 

  6. Welcome to the forums b!