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What the fuck was this film? 

I loved it and I'm so fucking confused. This movie is a movie you watch whilst absolutely BAKED. I genuinely have no words for how weird this movie was. I will ABSOLUTELY be watching this again baked to see what its like, but WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK? REALLY WHAT THE FUCK DID I WATCH? WITHOUT SPOILING THE MOVIE I GENUINELY CANT EXPLAIN WHAT I SAW???

It's a mix of society if the dial was turned up 125%, but following the world is a seemingly mentally challenged man who really has done nothing wrong but everything around him goes so so so so so so so so so so so SO fucking wrong. I wish I could explain this movie, I really do.. but it really has no words other than, "what." Why is everyone a crackhead, why did she drink paint, why did she die having sex, why did the play happen, HIS DAD FUCKING BLEW UP???? Like this is the most tame way I can fucking word what I just watched. I love it, I do, please watch it. BUT OH MY GOD WHAT 




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