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Unfinished Maps Bug

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SG Surf has had this bug for a few years now where when you try to view the unfinished maps by using the !profile command, it will display maps that are not currently available in the map cycle. I did some digging and found this query in the surf timer code.



Lines 5922-6047


  // Gets all players unfinished maps and bonuses from the database
  Format(szQuery, 720, "SELECT mapname, zonegroup, zonename, (SELECT tier FROM ck_maptier d WHERE d.mapname = a.mapname) AS tier FROM ck_zones a   WHERE (zonetype = 1 OR zonetype = 5) AND (SELECT runtimepro FROM ck_playertimes b WHERE b.mapname = a.mapname AND a.zonegroup = 0 AND b.style =   %d AND steamid = '%s' UNION SELECT runtime FROM ck_bonus c WHERE c.mapname = a.mapname AND c.zonegroup = a.zonegroup AND c.style = %d AND            steamid = '%s') IS NULL GROUP BY mapname, zonegroup ORDER BY tier, mapname, zonegroup ASC", g_ProfileStyleSelect[client], szSteamId,    g_ProfileStyleSelect[client], szSteamId);


It seems that it pulls all this information from the ck_zones table. I suspect that in this table there are old player completion records on maps that are no longer available in the current map cycle list. I think that these old records affect everyones unfinished map results. Could someone take a look and see if this is the case? If so, maybe write a query to remove the old records or modify code to ignore printing maps not in map cycle?




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