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They Cloned Tyrone...

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What a fantastic movie! If you're looking for a movie to watch, this is definitely the movie! I love the governmental take on the movie, strongly hinting at generational assimilation and immorality for the sake of "making America better".


I loved the use of stereotypes in the movie to demonstrate the world they live in, the type of people they are, and how it defines who and what the characters motives are. John Boyega in this film was great. The whole cast was great but it wasn't until after I finished the movie, I realized that the main character was John Boyega. He's changed so much from that clean shaven, baby faced kid we saw in Star Wars. He portrayed his character, and his role excellently. 

As someone who can appreciate a good black movie, this was one of them. I recommend this movie a lot! Go watch it.

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