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Respectfully - The XP system in [SG] Retakes is so horribly thought out and has made my friend group RQ more than once

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XP system makes this server a wash compared to what it was in CS:GO


"Brb, I'm going to go afk to do something real quick"

-15 XP when you got spectator


T-side, gets a 2k holding side & dies to the bomb while clutching and winning the round

+5 (kill), +5 (kill) +1 (headshot), -20 for dying to bomb post-round = -9 XP for winning a 1v2 and dying to bomb


Even going 1-for-1 and having your team win the round makes you lose XP

You have to get multi-frags AND get defuse AND get MVP EVERY ROUND in order to climb. There's ZERO incentive to play with your team and trade kills or entry into a site to create space because even if it's worth it, you're going to demote from it. I've been climbing the leaderboard by abusing the broken system and getting 1-2 kills then just hiding. Would rather get dinged -8 XP for losing the round than -28 XP for losing AND dying from a 1v2 clutch attempt.



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I have been playing retakes off and on. (more than anyone)  To be honest, I have not even paid attention the XP system (currently #1).  I cant speak for how it was setup, but my hypothesis is that it was a standard setup (more of a "default") rather than a customization.  This is a new server that isnt super populated yet.  Basically, feedback is welcome if you believe it will promote healthier server population.  I am sure it is something we can look into, but havent had a reason to do so yet.  


In the meantime I would probably advise you to play the gamemode as it is meant to be played.  I do this and have had no issue climbing the ranks.  In the end playtime is what matters most.

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