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  1. This happens sometimes during a round. I do not know why, but it can be annoying. I do not know how to reproduce the issue, but I can confirm it happens to me sometimes. I know the last time it occurred was on community_pool. What map were you on?
  2. Peanut butter with a lot of random stuff. As a kid I experimented a lot with what it would taste good with. I think the strangest was a peanut butter, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. But a classic was peanut butter Doritos sandwich.
  3. Get your brother on discord if your story checks out. It is free and he can use his phone. No iTunes credits. No computer microphone needed. If your story was made it, you should message the higher ups and accept responsibility of your actions. You may be allowed back one day. Either way, take care.

  4. For what it is worth I thought your suggestion was a good one. Doesn't seem like it was done though.
  5. Grats everyone. @Dreamz @Metal @Creten @ThRza *high five*
  6. Play video games with friends. Go to the gym and lift heavy things. Play sports or go fishing. Have sex.
  7. You missed Spam Central.
  8. Professional Baseball player.
  9. Adults that act like children still in high school.
  10. I think that it would be a good idea, but that it would also not make sense to put time into implementing because it would be rarely used...and even if it was used it would probably have very little affect because most rdmers and cheaters kill people flat out not just slightly damage them.
  11. Wouldnt change the country or state that I live in. It has it all. Mountains, beach, and everything in between. All weather types and a good taste of each season.
  12. Browsing @Nick!'s post in Spam Central.
  13. Aint that the truth. Funeral Director/Embalmer.
  14. If you're being serious, you will thank yourself in the future for being picky and strict to what you believe and what you want in a future relationship. I dont understand this one though "has passion in something I can understand". Maybe a typo...