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  1. Get your brother on discord if your story checks out. It is free and he can use his phone. No iTunes credits. No computer microphone needed. If your story was made it, you should message the higher ups and accept responsibility of your actions. You may be allowed back one day. Either way, take care.

  2. For what it is worth I thought your suggestion was a good one. Doesn't seem like it was done though.
  3. Well played to Virginia. Made the ACC and East Coast proud.
  4. Boosting is legal as long as you're not boosting out of the map (or broken textures) and can be seen to get killed (not hiding where no one can kill you).
  5. Duke and UNC out. Who do you guys think will win? My second winner wouldve been Gonzaga, but they lost as well. I will be pulling for Virginia since they are in the ACC conference from my area.
  6. Great game and great community event.
  7. I agree more with that wording than the original change request. Lets theory craft a scenario for a second though with an idea I brought up a few comments ago but in more detail: A player is in the main room of community pool with an unIDed body on one side and them on the the other. They walk out of the area (without ever getting near the body). You see them walk out of the area with the body sitting there. You ask them "Did you see the body in the main room?" They say "Yes". Now you can KOS them because 1) They saw it 2) They decided not to ID it. That just seems off to me when they were no where near the body to begin with. They simply saw it. You can see a body from 100 yards away and be punished for not running those 100 yards to ID it during the round? I would rather have a justification that was less broad. Maybe like this: If someone purposely walks away from an un-ID'd body (clear indication that they saw the body, was near it, and decided to not ID it), they are more than likely a Traitor and you can kill them. If you are not sure why they didn't ID the body, ask them to ID it, and if they don't, you may kill them.
  8. You just quoted the current faq not the proposed change.
  9. I think there is some confusion here because I was not saying you should have to walk directly over. My stance was that Montags expansion was too large. The lingo needs to be broadened but not as much as simply seeing a body and not IDing it. I had originally said that if you are a fair distance away from a body and decide to not ID it (30 yards or something) is different than being right beside it and deciding not to ID it. That shows a clear indication that you saw the body, was near it, and decided to not ID it. Under Montags and your stance, you could be in the main room of community pool with an unIDed body on one side and you on the the other, walk out of the area (without ever getting near the body) and be KOSable...which isnt cool.
  10. There needs to be a larger discussion about this topic with more parties involved. In my opinion, changing the situational KOS on IDing bodies would only help Innocents more and cause more confusion and unintentional RDM. I do appreciate your stance, I just do not agree.
  11. The numbers are not "law" just my perspective on someone clearly deciding to not ID a body even though they were near it. If someone sees a body across a large room and decides not to ID it, that should not be KOSable. They purposefully decided not to ID the body in this scenario. Deciding not to ID a body is not always helping Traitors. I purposely do not ID bodies all the time to use them as Traitor traps. If you broaden the KOSable offenses of not IDing bodies that only helps Innocents more because it broadens the range as to which you can kill someone for not IDing a body. Furthermore, if you point out a body across the hallway and someone acknowledges it and then decides to not ID it that means you can kill them? That doesnt make sense to me. Walking past or over a body is what I understand is KOSable. This may need a clarification, but this is how I have always played and enforced the situation. I have explained this to many people in the past and I have not heard any corrections. As far as not IDing bodies being T-baiting...that may be true but I think rules are more so things you should not do on the server to get punished. The faq would be information about the gamemode. Traitors do not have to ID bodies so it isnt a rule. If they do not ID bodies in certain circumstances they can be killed which would fall under general knowledge of how to play.
  12. Brooooooooooooo. Literally any day but this week but Friday and I would be free. Big oof. Good event ThRza.
  13. But the rule is to walk past an un-ID body. Innocents do not have to ID a body. They can choose not to and it is not kosable. Innocents must walk within a certain distance of a body (player and admin discretion) and choose not to ID it. Having a body 20+ yards from you and not IDing it is not kosable. Having a body 5 yards from you and walking away is different (even if you do not run past or over it). You also do not have to ask anyone why they did not ID a body.
  14. I think the text of the jihad is slightly "bugged" in that it tells you to double-tap "F" to detonate when in reality it is your "inspect key". (F is default inspect key but many people change it) This can cause confusion to new players and even regulars who do not use jihad that often. I know I had issues with this and had to ask how to do it even after having many days on TTT because I never used the jihad. Simply changing the text to say "Double tap your inspect key" instead of "Double tap F" would make this a lot more clear.