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Games you regret buying?

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Give names of some games you have regreted buying and if you feel like it, explain why. Also, try to refrain from flaming people if they list a game that you don't agree with.


My list :


1. Animal Crossing : Wild World for the DS


What a fucking boring ass game. I remember going to the Gamefaqs board and the users were saying that this game was a billion times better than Harvest Moon (one of my favorite game series) and they said the Gamecube version was sooooo good that it would make you cum in your pants, semen will literally start dripping through your pants folks. So of course, I went out and got it. Jesus is this one hell of a boring game. All you do is collect shit, pretty up your house and do stupid tasks for your animal neighbors that every fursuiter would dream of having sex with. I guess it's not as bad as the Gamecube version since in the DS version you can show off your island and trade stuff on wifi, but the bad thing is, if you invite people to your island to show off, they can go around and fuck up all of your hard work (cutting down trees that you have grown for instance). What a goddamn waste of $30+.


2. Harvest Moon DS


This would have been a great DS game and one my favorites, but this game is riddled with so many game breaking bugs. Fuck you Natsume for delaying this game so much, only to release a buggy ass game.


3. Hoshigami for the PS


Another game that would have been decent, but god is it so fucking hard and tedious. You are forced to always train at a training type tower (game even states that you have to do so if you want to get stronger). I couldn't even play the first stage/map because the enemies would kick my ass and each time I level up, the enemies of that said stage will also level up a few levels (each stage has an enemy level cap). Basically the gameplay boils down to this, you use the tower to fight some stupid battles for 2-3 hours to level up your guys, you beat one map, you level up at the tower for 2-3 hours to keep up with the rising enemy levels of the next level, you beat the next level, rinse and fucking repeat until you are finished with the game. I thought this was a stategy RPG, not a freaking level grinding MMO. I can't believe I bought this piece of shit over Suikoden II (which you can find on Ebay for like $200 used).



That's it for now, I'm sure I got a few more, but I can't think of anything right now.

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lol This Nascar game for the N64. Stupidest thing ever, going around in a circle and this was the kicker! You could choose to go up to 200-500 laps on the tracks. I did it once and got 200 something laps.


BF2142. I got this game and loved it!!!


And thats it. I usually wait for reviews on incoming games before I buy.


lmao I played that game because it belonged to my sister but I thought it was much fun if you have nothing else better to do lmao

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*me thinks panny needs anger management.


Day of Defeat:Source


It's shit.


Counter Strike Source


Great game but I've wasted so much of me life on this game.


That's it really, I like the rest of me games.

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Quake4.. leaves lot to be desired...


You should slap your mom for putting that crappy antivirus on the comp, get Avast! or if you want to buy one, get NOD32.


NOD 32 is good with lots of advanced settings, great for experts.. Kaspersky is good also and easier to use..

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X3: Reunion


Wayyyyy to big for a single player game, the only way to reall have fun with it is to build a massive ship and fuck with everyone. Other than that it's boring.

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Final Fantasy XI. Total piece of trash. The environments were about as appealing as cardboard as were the character models. Not only that the game just totally sucked. It dropped you off in the middle of a town and was like OK GO DO STUFF. So after i spent about the first half hour trying to find out what in gods name I was supposed to do when I finally found some stupid quest giver person that told me to go waste some creatures or something. So anyway I'm out there trying to kill these rabbit things and im doing alright watching the crappy battle animations when I get basically two hit out of nowhere by some super rabbit that looked the same as all the others. Freaking rediculous.

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