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How many hours per week do you play on ZM servers?  

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  1. 1. How many hours per week do you play on ZM servers?

    • less then 2 hrs/wk
    • 2-10 hrs/wk
    • 10-20 hrs/wk
    • more then 20 hrs/wk

How much do you play here?

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Let us know how many hours per week you play on our servers. Also post any comments that you might have regarding this question.


Do you play only here?

Where else do you play and why?

What do we need to do to be your only spot of CSS gaming?

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It's not shameful, it just proves that since you left school and conveniently forgot to apply for college, you've accomplished barely anything, which, y'know, is okay, so long as the soul thing isn't getting into the top10 on the servers and then worrying about losing that. xD


As long as I block Henda, and/or teamkill him, that's fine :p.

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well now that schools back in, I'm not on as much. Probably in the 2-10 hour range now. This isn't the only place I play though, cause I like to play normal CS too (and the ZM server usually doesn't have that many ppl on when I'm on) Plus there's lots of regular CS servers that are basically ALWAYS full of ppl, so I join those (TrUservers for example). Plus zombie mod just hasn't been as fun lately... played most of the maps too much I guess (though some are still fun). But ZM is the only place I like to play Zombie mod :cool:

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Mm when I first started I played so much! Source and Zombie mod were both new to me and I loved it.


Now I don't play nearly as much. :( It isn't as fun anymore and the maps are eh lately. Though if I notice a few certain people in when I view server i'll come and play for like 2 hours. haha

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