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  1. I like, accept my friend request so we can work out the blowjob, I mean money.

  2. I will be this mans bodyguard on TTT until the end of days

  3. Wow he's actually somewhat active :papydates:

  4. More active than most Sa's rn

  5. get on again so I can troll you

  6. what post said

  7. Gratz on founder :lul:

  8. Remember zombie murder? haha

  9. Sorry to tell you, haggard is here. I did read your post Diablo.......I will be banning everyone at your request. Just say who and it's done. "We don't need rules we just need Haggard" -Haggard Sept 14, 2015. I am only half joking.
  10. Hey, where did you get the mod pack that you sent me? The XVM Stat part of it stopped working and im guessing it just needs to be updated.