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  1. :love: PingPong :love:
  2. I will be this mans bodyguard on TTT until the end of days

  3. Wow he's actually somewhat active :papydates:

  4. More active than most Sa's rn

  5. get on again so I can troll you

  6. what post said

  7. Gratz on founder :lul:

  8. Remember zombie murder? haha

  9. I like, accept my friend request so we can work out the blowjob, I mean money.
  10. I started a clan called [CLIT]. I know what your thinking....fucking awesome clan name. I need a logo that will be on all my clan members tanks and on the world of tanks website. I want to exploit the name but it cant be nude pics or look too much like an actual vagina. You come up with the idea and I will pick the best. It could just be a picture of a tank shell flying into a (i). It could just be the letters CLIT. Like I said I will pay $10 bucks to the creator of the one I use. I will send money on Paypal or gift you a good skin in csgo. Needs to have transparent background and should be 200x200 in size. Use some blue in it as well. Link to clan page http://na.wargaming.net/clans//1000022929/
  11. The problem with doing that to the current 10v10 server is that the regulars on there would stop showing up. The server fills in the evening and every time I put up a vote to change the map they vote it down in seconds. They are die hard d2 fans. The goal is to appeal to a different group and fill a second server.
  12. With this last update there will be thousands of people missing the maps they have been playing for months now. I think opening a mid to large sized server to catch these players quickly would be a good idea for the community. At a minimum use Agency, Rails, and Zoo or just have all 6 of them. Allow map voting with the normal csgo casual setup. Put "Bloodhound Rotation" into the name and it should populate it's self. Provide them with gameMe stats and we could start building a new reg base. I would be happy to help populate this server and make sure it has an admin on in the evenings.
  13. The news of the M4A1-S nerf has caused the market to swing dramatically from A1 to A4 guns. If you are looking to get a good deal on a M4A1-S now is the time. I would hold off on buying M4A4 skins since they have almost doubled in cost overnight. My M4A1S Guardian FN Stat track has fallen from $60+ down to below $50. My M4A4 Daimyo FN Stat track has more then doubled in price from $10 - $21. Hope this helps someone get a good deal on a gun they been wanting.