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If there ever is a zombie attack,

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What, that gun there? You mean the one that has wires to plug into a game system? The one that doesn't actually shoot, just spins around and jiggles? It got recalled because people kept sticking their fingers in.

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Wow, that is a hell of a load of hot lead for anyone unlucky to get in the way of that!


My gun would be this:


That would just blow them away.



@ contempt

Anyway, fast firing bfg? pfft... go for the big gun, you want this baby, the bfg 9000 :p



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Old.....that shotgun has been around for awhile :lock:


The gun I would really love is the 60. Magnum that I saw like awhile ago, too lazy to research it though. Probably would never be used practically but still looks cool and nothing could stop it.

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My dad's in town, he just bought me 500 16 guage rounds for my shotgun before we went shooting yesterday.


So i can hold of 500 zombies if I get all headshots.

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