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would you rather?

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I ask a would you rather, you answer it and post another!


Marry an elephant (no divorces) or live in a kangaroos pouch your whole life.


And the elephant is a douchebag....

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Mary the elephant lol. I'm going to marry with him/her :/ Then not going to spend time with her and only play cs.


Would you rather kiss ugly betty in the mouth for 5mins!!! OMFG! Or eat a piece of horseshit


:O Holy shit me & BennY posted same time, choose between the 4.

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Probably marry the elephant

Get all clostraphobic in the Kangaroo


So anyway

Would you rather wipe your arse with barbed wire

Or Jerk off with sandpaper



This thread isn't a bad idea, as long as you avoid this kind of stupid stuff.....

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