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  1. Awww yeaah, lets do this boys. Thank you for this! Definitely worth the money if you like hardcore shooters/softcore milsims. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do hope we manage to recruit enough admins though, servers live and die based on the activity and skill of the admins that moderate them.
  2. Thanks for everything, you absolute legend. o7
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: US Supreme Court judge dies of cancer, aged 87
  4. You will probably enjoy it but knowing the basics of the star wars universe would make it better.
  6. Game looks like a ADHD nightmare, or at least the trailer. Some alt-history COD games would be interesting.
  7. Never really got over the learning curve in HOI4 but I have 50 hours in the game, so if you are doing a newbie game then hit me up. I also play Stellaris, if you guys ever want to do that.
  8. Still a nerd. gz <3. Definitely well deserved, thanks for the hard work.
  9. This looks amazing, good job!
  10. The Long Dark survival mode is pretty comfy imo:
  11. I know that this is a niche game but bumping to raise awareness for anyone who likes hardcore shooters. Definitely keep an eye out for a free weekend or big discounts or win it in an event: New roadmap released, new factions (including USMC) and maps coming this year: