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xbox 360 or ipod touch?

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Depending on how much you travel, if you travel regularly every day then an iPod is essential. I have to travel up to 3 hours in any given day and would be lost without my trusty iPod. As for the Xbox, you would probably have more fun with it than something that can play your music, considering you could just play it from your computer.

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if you have a PS3 and a wii..id with the touch since if you are half as busy as a normal person you wont have time to play all 3 system..and most people I know that own more than on system end up playing one of them 90% of the time anyway!

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Get the Xbox 360 its totally worth it when you get Xbox live its totally fun and there are so many games to play


If he has a PS3 and a Wii already, he would really wouldn't need an Xbox, unless he is DESPERATE for something like Halo, but I doubt that. Xbox live is really good, and the new dashboard is as well, but you can generally get the same games on the 360 that you would a PS3. On top of the fact that you would be paying for xbox live (which really isn't much) you would also be pretty much forced to by DLC, which is gay.


Imo, you should go for an iPod touch, simply because it plays your music and you have apps. Since you already have 2/3 major consoles anyway, go for the iPod.

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seriuosly, dude, there is no way you could choose between those two, bcuze ipod touch is like an ipod except with touch screen.... but xbox 360 is kinda bad, i would rather have a computer like dell xps, alienware, voodoo pc or build my own!!!!!!!!!! :p

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