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What music do you like?

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Why start with classical? Well, I guess that’s where people expect you to start. Many people think that music was pretty much perfected several centuries ago and everything since is crap. Well those people are crap. Classical music is complex and layered and beautiful but it is not spontaneous. Spontaneity is very important in music I think.




People always seem to think that music only goes back as far as classical music, but obviously tribal music has been around for much longer. In many ways it is the best music out there. It is spontaneous, emotive, danceable and easy to make. Go tribal music!


Hip Hop


Hip Hop is the newest form of music out there and so far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of its capabilities. People often call Jazz the only American Art form…I would tend to agree with this but Hip Hop is a close second place. Beats, Rhymes, Life…what else could you want? Some bling perhaps…well there is also plenty of that, but for real, who gives a F%#K about that stuff.




Bands that play the blues are usually not very good. The blues are a personal thing, and should usually be played by some guy who is very ugly and is half full of whiskey. Without this how can you have the blues…can good-looking people get the blues? They can, but they have to be on heroin.




It is very hard to argue with Rock & Roll. In many ways it is a lot like Christianity. It involves icon with long hair, and people have been predicting and attempting to initiate its demise since it began. But like Christianity Rock seems here to stay for a little while anyway. So every time a young man picks up a guitar and preaches the gospel of rock it will survive.




As was mentioned before, Jazz is the only true American art form. Improvisational, cool, sexy, angry, sad, happy, jazz has it all, and nobody can touch jazz for its amalgam of styles and variations. If music is alive jazz is the air that music breathes.




What is alternative anyway. Basically it’s whatever will be popular after what is popular now, is no longer popular. So the next time you go into a club and see some gay vegetarian pressed up against a microphone pushing buttons ironically just think that you are looking at the future.




Dance music is music for people who don’t know anything about music. This is perfectly all right though, because dance music is for dancing, not for contemplating. A good dance track gets into your core and possesses you. A bad dance track is what they play when you are waiting to get into hell.




Country gets a bad rep, but there isn’t a more humble, fun loving and sincere brand of music out there. Basically it is story telling and if you don’t like a good story you probably have no soul. And if you have no soul, enjoy your bad dance music.




Folk is supposed to be the music of the people. Something that everyone can relate to via some sort of common experience. Lately this meaning has been perverted to mean that one has to play an acoustic guitar to play folk. This is crap. If you have something to say and you want to put music to your thoughts, that is folk.


So what do you like?

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