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Bowling Tournament

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I have a tournament tonight at 6:30pm. I may not do as well as I did in the provincials (I bowled a 204 and 214) because of the accident with my wrist (it fractured), but I have been doing alot better lately and im looking forward to the tourney. Ill post the results once im finished. Im a average bowler, I have my good and bad days, but my average (before wrist) was around 150-160.


Im leaving for the tournament in about an hour, and CSS is crashing so I may just go ride around for now. See you all later.

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Well, I just got back. Its 10:27 pm and I made it to the finals.. I landed in 5th place against SENIORS (about 17 yr olds who bowl 200+) and lost the final game. On the 9th frame, my thumb-skin got peeled for a good 1cm and, well, hurt.


I bowled:


131 (Practice Game)


164 (2nd game)


189 (3rd game)


and in the finals:


127 (Because of being nerveous and my thumb)

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I fail


So wish youd follow speed... troll some other forums....eventually it will happen


Anyway not bad I guess I average 140 and I suck..Ive only bollowed over 200 twice...I dont compete tho Its all for fun! Once I have money I might get a lil more serious about it..a ball is like200 buck and I dont have that right now!!!

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Lol I'm not this good a bowler, although I wouldn't say I bowl often (maybe once or twice a year).


Best is 170, but I probably average 130.


Last time I played I bowled 9 9's and 1 spare, which was rage worthy.

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