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  1. I agree with @Game Freak that we just don't have the competitive playerbase for a 5vs5 tournament. A 2vs2 on the other hand would be pretty fun, we have enough good aimers to make it a little bit interesting
  2. It's processing all the audio bits with songs...it will be completed tomorrow I guess. Fuck that copyright shit rly
  3. Yeah just noticed, I removed the songs or at least Youtube said I did. Hopefully I can get it unmuted after it finishes processing again
  4. Here are the games up till semifinals, because then I went to sleep x) At the moment it is 360p but once the HD processing ends, it should be 1080 60fps If the stream freezes it's because I alt-tabbed, nothing wrong with the capture, youtube or on your end.
  5. These things are only aids if we don't enforce strict time limits. No subs once the tournament starts, if you are late for more than 5 minutes, you get DQ. This way the whole tournament, be it 1vs1, 2vs2 or 5vs5, can be played out in a fixed time. I would love to see 5vs5
  6. Thanks for the tournament and nice matches everyone! The whole stream file is ~4GB and 3h+ long so I'll upload it today after I play in another tournament.
  7. GG @Paradox, no way I hit you at headshot box PS: We should try hosting on EU server so US can get a taste of the ping difference ;D
  8. Except if it was seeded it would be Highest rank vs lower rank
  9. 5am endex for me I doubt europeans will get that far because of the ping or we'll just forfeit if it gets too late. Wawa has already stated that he can't run this on Saturday.
  10. Can we enforce a rule that both players have to be in the server in a 5-minute time frame or otherwise get disqualified? There is no way I can stay awake longer than 4 hours after the event starts . Is it allowed to use the AWP or not? Edit: Anyone going to stream this? I can set up a stream if someone wants to commentate. If not, then I can just set it up so you can see people play and just run music in the background
  11. I guess I can't take part then Anyway, here is my suggestion: A map pool of 7 maps, both players get 3 bans. Aim_Map Aim_Redline Awp_India Aim_Awp_Row Aim_Allpistols +1 rifle map +1 pistol map No using of AWP in rifle maps.
  12. I just noticed the start time is so horribly late. And with all these people signing up (and only one server?), this will be hell for EU people. Should move such events to Saturday or Sunday and start @ 10-12 AM central..
  13. Nvm boys, sign me up. Let's see how EU fares against US with that sweet 130 ping