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HAALP with laptop =[

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My sisters using some crappy Acer laptop. I dont know if I believe her or not, but randomly without any dropping it or physical wounds, pixels in the far right started turning white. This kept going until it was about an inch to the left that was all white. Then came some lines of multi colours on the screen. Right now she's still using the laptop but does anyone have a clue as to what the problem is?

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yep...your LCD is screwed. it's probably from some kind of physical damage, but that doesn't mean it was done knowingly. they aren't exactly tanks, so it wouldn't take much to mess it up. sometimes you can get it to work by just pressing in on the sides/corners a little bit, I don't know why but it might work. otherwise, I hope you still have a warranty on it because you can send it in to Acer and they should fix it for you.

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