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your top 3: favourite game franchises

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Mario Bros

Elder Scrolls

C&C (some of them)



I would add starcraft but so far there's only been one released game.

I would have also added warcraft if it wasn't for a certain mmorpg

Will probably add Diablo soon enough

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I'd love to name some old school franchises but good lord they've pretty much all suffered some butchering in recent years to the point where I can't like them as franchises anymore.


1. Ninja Gaiden. This is an old school franchise that still stays true to it's roots while evolving to meet today's standards. For that I have to crown Ninja Gaiden as king. Fond childhood memories and fond recent memories. The DS game was decent but not great.


2. Grand Theft Auto. I've loved every Grand Theft Auto game barring Chinatown Wars. I think I beat the original GTA like 3 times as a kid. GTA 4 twice.


3. Ace Combat. I've played all of the Ace Combat games except the handhelds and the very first one(dubbed Air Combat stateside). Love them all. Ace Combat 2 is still the king of arcade-y flight games for me.

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