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If official drivers aren't working for you, you should try third party drivers just to see if they're running any better. Always go official unless something's not working right.


There are a couple of third party ones but I can never remember the names of them other than the Omega Drivers.


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Ooo I really don't recommend OmegaDrivers, they've gone downhill ever since the programmer had a kid..

I recommend DNA (Do Not Argue) Drivers. Their excellent and I've not problems with them.

I've tried Omega drivers on about 4 different cards, all of which were in different computers, and I've had problems with all of them...


For your card...


Windows Vista 32 Bit:




Windows XP 32 Bit




If these don't work for you then you MIGHT have 64bit, but that's uncommon, so give those a try (Depending on your Operating System) and see how they work :)

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