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Extremely Slow Browser Issues

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Recently my browsers (I use IE and FF) have been running at an extremely slow rate, and sometimes just refuse to load any sort of webpage. For example, when loading a page of the forums here people's avatars do not show for a good 4-5 minutes. Even their rep does not load properly, like on mine instead of having the green bars it would show "Huwajux has a brilliant future.Huwajux has a brilliant future.Huwajux has a brilliant future.Huwajux has a brilliant future.Huwajux has a brilliant future. "


The only way to get things going again is to close the window and re-open it. Even then this boost of speed only lasts for a couple of seconds. Upon closing FireFox when it begins to lag out, when I try to reopen it, I receive a message telling me that FireFox is already running and not responding and advises me to wait or restart my computer. I open up my processes tab and see Firefox.exe running, however there is no window in sight so I just end the process and retry.


I really need some advice on this because I daren't open up two tabs and load 2 things at once, because then the little loading icon just goes around and around for days, eventually giving up and saying "Stopped" in the bottom left corner of the screen.




That's an example. Also, it doesn't seem to be my internet being really slow because in-game my connection is fine and my ping is as stable as ever.

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maybe its cuz u got to much shit instaled or bcuz u use internet explorer.(p.s. it sucks) try google chrome or uninstall some of your software that u dont need in ur add and uninstall programs list


Internet Explorer works fine and is obviously not the reason for this as he is also using FireFox. Please refrain from giving advice in this section again.




Firstly, try clearing your cache, cookies and temporary internet files. If that doesn't work I would run a spyware/malware scan as this fits the bill of something malicious designed to purely piss you off.

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You probably have a bunch of unused add-ons.


Go to Tools>Add-ons, and remove any add-ons you don't use, then go to plug-ins and try disabling a few, there's usually a whole bunch of plug-ins that are never used, that slow down your browser.


Also you can try upgrading to the latest Firefox 3.5 b4, it is still in beta, but it runs much smoother in benchmarks compared to the previous version (I'm using the beta with no problems)

You can grab it here:



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