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Hypothetical question...

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OK, if an actual zombie outbreak occured...and the zombies were Romero-like (i.e.Day of the Dead/Night of the Living Dead), what members of the ZM community would survive the apocalypse? Do you think our tactics of crouching on top of people and bariccading with soda machines and bookcases would work?


I dunno, this idea just popped in my head. I know, weird, right? So what if I get bored...

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well i would think the zombies would have a little more sense to climb up on the pop machines and get the person. Also im quite sure i would survive a zombie apacolypse if i had my friends with me...also with some weapons...some of my friends are certified zombie killers.

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I definitely think I would die. I would be too distracted looking at different sprays on walls and playing still little games my friends that we made up...and then I'd get killed.

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I would survive.


My roommate has his .45 USP with 1,000 rounds of ammo, and his M4 Carbine with scope, tactical light, laser, multiple 30 round clips and speed loader with another 1,000 rounds for that too.


My other roommate has his SIG P229, not sure how much ammo.


I have my good ole Mossberg 16GA shotgun with 450 shells, a 50 round bandoleer for easy ammo access and reloading, 5 round butt stock ammo holder and we have plenty of tools to board up the house.


Food/water water would be the limiting factor.

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Considering I live 20 miles from the biggest city in our state, I'd have to get the fuck out as fast as I could. Better yet, drive to Daniel Boone National Forest and camp out for about a month or two. I could probably survive, but I wouldn't take any chances by trying to be a hero and wait it in the city with guns. Ill just take my .270 and some fishing rods and head to the forest. I doubt zombies will wander away from their main food source.

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