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First off, we have a map vote off up for the napalm server, follow the link below and vote off the maps you hate. Thanks to sean for this.




We've added some mods to the forum lately, including a Radio & Tv (has around 400 radio/tv channels), added a casino with a few games, pretty basic but it works nicely and also a shoutbox at the top of the page, useful for communication between the forum users.


Like the title says, this is just a quick announcement, I'll change it later today with the full features.


Check the navbar at the top of the page for the Radio/TV and Casino.

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lol i dont get why we need a "voteoff" why not get a bunch of mapps and not take em off and just get people to post what maps they dislike or w/e and if they dont post well they can just suck it up



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lol okay ill try to go into more detail haha


if a few of us (admins or not) have a few maps that they know of (old or new) that are good, then we could put them on the server for a day/weekend or some period of time with like people that are on the fourms regularly or anything like that and then you could have it like after 10-20 mins or somthing of play a vote come up...

do you like zm______

1. _____

2. yes

3. no


so people have a say in weather they like the map or not


and then do the thing were henda (or anyone) has the vote thing on the fourms and it has like screen shots of the map in question and... yeah


detailed enough XD

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Nice idea hank but I think that would a lot of unnecessary work and wouldn't really get results because it only refelects the people who were in the server's opinion. The way it is now works better because it lets everyone vote for what they dont like; not just the one's playing that map at that particular time.

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