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dam its been long...

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hey guys...im sorry i havent been on lately. its been like 3 months i think. which sucks cuz i could of enjoyed every minute of it. there are so many updates and i have to catch up on alot. i didnt have my internet for a while and ive been workin alot. im tryin to debate if i will stay admin or leave my tag on the door b4 i walk out. im always 4 supportin this server so ive reached the bump on the log. welcome to all the new admins and hope u missed me to the old ones.

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Your name should be renamed from "ZM Wench" to "ZMs Bitch" lmao jk Jen, I love you:D (by bitch i mean angry, not slave... thats raven not you)



Hai you are a newbie. :] and i'm just an instigator that's all.

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