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Fuck Blizzard.

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I recently put month onto my World Of Warcraft using my Credit Card, the month added fine. About five minutes later, I checked my Card statement, and fucking saw this.





Fucking pricks stole 21 Dollars off me for single month of WoW. This is the last month I'll be paying 21 dollar for month of game.

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make a complaint to them and get your money back...


Yeah, I agree make a complaint, something may have gone wrong or it is just them trying to steal money from you. But anyways take your money back, don't be easy with them.

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wow... blizzard has enough money you really think they need to add fees yet they do apparently? i think that has to be a mistake on their part id call customer support ASAP.. just tell them you were overcharged and you will prob get a free month or 2 out of it.. for every mistake there is always a reward... talk your way into a free month at least trust me this is the least they will do for you if it is a mistake...

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