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Power Metal

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Dragonforce :rockon::rockon::rockon:


I like DragonForce, but is it just me or does almost all of their songs sound the same? huge guitar solos and i have a hard time listening to even two of their songs in a row. I just get tired of DragonForce so easilly.

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Dragonforce :rockon::rockon::rockon:


Dragonforce is over rated. No one really knew about them until Guitar Hero 3. I used to like them, now I don't care too much about them :p

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To me all these songs are is a spaz attack of music which you can rock out to. I like some of Dragonforce's songs although I would get bored of these power metal songs if I listened to too much of it in a row.


Main thing for Dragonforce is that I like the lead singers vocals.

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I used to have this song. I always thought the mixing was god awful, the vocals are like 200% louder than anything else.



I used to listen to Hyperion in high school. I still have a CD with their stuff on it somewhere. I'll have to dig it up, I feel like listening to them now.






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