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  1. Gonna roll with this for now and see how it works. Some things to note: Events This section has been rearranged. The important stuff is up top, past media events have been moved into "Past Events", and the raffle section moved down a bit. Servers You'll see this looks much different. We're putting our 3 primary servers on top, with additional subforums to hopefully make it easier on the AOs to see topics/requests about each server, without having to look in too many different areas anymore. It'll take some getting used to, but tbh I like the new look. The "Server Rules & Info" you see is where all the important info will be kept. Right now they only contain the sticky threads about the server, but only AO+ can make a thread in that area to keep excess threads from building up there. This will be especially helpful for the Jailbreak server. I have added a new Map Suggestion form for each specific server. Simply click Map Suggestions/Removals, then "New Application" and it will take you to the form to fill out, which will be posted in the Map Suggestions/Removals subforum for the respective server. Once an AO+ determines whether or not the map should be added/removed, they will move it to the "Completed" subforum for their server's maps. I have moved all open map requests for the maps area for their server(s), and also cleaned out the old map suggestions area and moved all relevant maps to their server's "completed" subforum as well. That said, the remaining threads from the old map section have been hidden, in effort to clean up years of maps for servers that haven't existed in ages. Same thing that happened with the maps, also happened for the Rules Discussion sections. I cleared out the old Rules section, moved the relevant server rules to the respective server's section, and renamed the old one to "Community Rules" for now. There's a lot more "general" and "forum" rule types of discussions in there than I thought, so I'm gonna keep it there for now and maybe come up with a new plan for that later. Support Center The forum bug tracker has been moved down under the suggestions box below this, not really a hot area of discussion so I just moved it out of the way to keep more of the server related stuff up top. Community Not much changed here. Biggest difference you'll see is the Raffle and the Store are now here. General Nothing major changed here, will explain below. Gaming & Multimedia Both of these sections needed a cleanup tbh, just grouped all the games together, and all the media subforums together. Multimedia took up a pretty big chunk of space before, so we'll try this out and see how it goes. Let us know if you think we should add a subforum for a new game under gaming at any time. Creative Zone This will be for general modding, mapping, artwork, and youtube videos. Biggest thing to note is that the Map Fix Request section has been moved here as well. That's about it. Also made all sticky threads colored, that should help separate those from the normal threads a bit.
  2. Hey all, Forum structure's getting revamped a bit at the moment. It will take a bit to finish, but if you see anything out of it's normal place, that's why. I'll post again when it's finished. Let me know of any questions or concerns in the meantime.
  3. Good to see you around man. Hope all is well.

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      Thank you! It is, and I hope the same for you! Good to see you too, old friend.

  4. Happy days!

  5. Honestly didn't think I'd see you post again. Nice seeing you around.

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      Surprise lol, good to see you around too.

  6. Miss you old pal 

  7. I miss you so... :sad2:COME BACK

  8. Record a demo and post a complaint or call an admin in to take care of it. It's a freekill and the CT is dumb for trying to shoot past another T like that. We don't need a new rule added for every little thing when we have admins who applied to take care of this stuff.
  9. This is more of a suggestion and not a technical issue so I'll move this to the TTT section and make sure @R3TROATTACK or @Nuclear Onion see this since they manage this server.
  10. You seem to have forgotten that requesting this map to be removed is a bannable offence. Oh well, you were a good admin, Elemental...
  11. It's easier for individual suggestions to get discussed in a separate thread, otherwise each reply will just be going back and forth between different suggestions. That's why we have the individual subforum to discuss things about the server. If there's something you want to bring up, just make a new thread.
  12. To avoid confusion, I would say "freeze" if the T's are coming too close to you. That way you have a chance to get to safety and anyone who keeps on walking can be shot without any gray area whatsoever. BW, if DJ booth is restricted and the T's come close to it, you can just tell them to go back to the dance floor and that eliminates the same gray area. Sounds like the guards just aren't being specific enough which creates confusion.
  13. If you have suggestions, feel free to make map requests here.
  14. We'll be sure to answer this at the meeting Stay tuned