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What's your Nazi story?

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When I was staged in a near by town my fellow fireman and I talked about how pretty much everyone who had family in Europe knows bits and pieces of stories how their family went trough the Nazi Regime.


Let me begin,


My grandmother was about 16 when it happened. A Nazi unit raided the village she was living in and killed everyone after questioning(Polish military personal was imprisoned). Her parents, family, friends, everyone she knew was shot. When the SS Men came to her on the other hand he saw that she was covered in flower. He asked her what she was making and she gave him a piece of cake. He loved it so much that he spared her life and instead, got her a job as a cook for the General quarters.


So here I am ladies and gentleman. Here I am because of cake. CAKE IS NOT A LIE!


Who's next?

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lol xeno. well since i don't really have A story since my family lived in American all thou my dad is German.

all i have is my grandfather on my dads side was a electrician for the navy and my great grand father on my mom's side was a cook for navy cuz racism was even abolished in the military. and the side of his face was burned because of racism. and yes my mum is black big wup want to fight about?

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My grandfather, used to be a commander back home (not US) but at the time they used to get dictated by this Ali P. dude, but they didn't experience anything with the nazis.

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My mother's side of the family are of Hungarian descent that moved to Germany in the 1930's. My Great Grand father was a member of the SS, I don't beleive he was a grunt but worked in supply. My Grand Mother was in the Hitler Youth for most of her time in Germany. I also had a few Great Uncles that where either in the SS or Wehrmacht. They were all Nazi sympathizers and needless to say, had to flee the country once Hitler was killed. Soviet troops killed most of the males on that side of the family; my Grandmother and a few other family members sneaked through US controlled Germany and stowawayed on a boat to the US.


I don't know to much about the other side of my family's involvement in Europe, because they immigrated here shortly after WWI. I do know that I had some relatives that fought for Austria-Hungary though in the war.

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I know that my great grand father was captain of a ship in The Great War, and I'm fairly sure that one of my Great Great grand father was a german soldier (my only German link), not really anything to do with Nazi's though.

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