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  1. I thought BJ came back from retirement and we were throwing a party for him. This is cool too!
  2. big man on campus is back

    1. XeNo


      Lmao, I don't know about that.

  3. I like the new forums, it looks sleek. Where are my rep buttons at, tho?
  4. $20 in your name, spend them credits

  5. I know my opinion here may not be as valid as many of you, but I wanted to provide my input after playing this weekend. I really enjoy seeing what you all have done with the server, and I can appreciate the fact that TTT is a gamemode that needs variety and changes to keep things fresh and exciting for players. I wanted to state that I think at the core of the changes, they are all good in that aspect. You should keep trying new things and drastically switching up the server to see what works and what doesn't. However, I think that TTT should continue to be a game about not only gunplay, but the part that made it fun for me which is deduction and actual investigation. That might seem silly at first, since I'm aware that's not really how it happens most rounds. Random teleport (And any teleport, in my opinion) should not be in this game mode. It simply provides something that breaks the 'laws' of what makes TTT unique and fun (Again, my opinion, but I hope it's shared by others). It used to be that someone cannot walk up to a detective, blast him in the face, and essentially "get away with it". If you wanted to remove a detective, you had to trick him, catch him alone, or take one for your traitor buddies by taking him out and surely dying for it. RTP removes all risk involved with killing detectives, and I feel that's a huge impact on how quickly they die in games now. Not to mention you can usually get 2-for-1 by making people who try to chase down the detective killer shoot some inno that gets tp'd. RTP also removes any ability to deduce anything. A traitor could go out of sight and just start saying they were TP'd. Not to mention hearing death in a room then opening the only entrance suddenly leaves you with a karma issue: Kill the one person alive or try and figure out if they were tp'd first? I've killed plenty of innos due to this it's ridiculous. Why should I have to be left questioning my actions because RTP exists? Why should I be hesitant to spray down someone who killed a detective just in case he got RTP'd and I missed it or he may RTP while I'm shooting him and I end up killing an innocent? Why should I get killed while I'm trying to play the game because suddenly I'm falling off the map? What skill or intrigue does RTP add to the game other than to make you pray you get Traitor every round because you're most likely going to die to some bullshit otherwise? If I get Innocent or Detective in this game anymore, 80% of the rounds I am just idly waiting to die due to something completely out of my control almost exclusively due to RTP. Too often it causes innos to shoot other innos that got tp'd and then someone kills you for 'rdm'. RDM is also rampant in nearly every round and I can only imagine it's hard as fuck for Admins to manage due to "Well maybe he shot someone who was RTP'd and it wasn't as clear why he killed him". The level of complexity RTP adds to deducing who is traitor and who is not makes it infinitely easier for Traitors and incredibly hard for innocents and detectives. I don't really see how you can say otherwise. Any instance you come up with of how RTP can be 'fun' there are at least three other ways it is not fun for everyone else. I understand people are still playing, I understand that rounds last like ~1 minute, but RTP just kills any interest I used to have in TTT of figuring out who Traitors are because if you ID one, they can just blink across the map or into the middle of a group causing chaos and RDM. There are many other things you could come up with to make the game interesting and fun for traitors without RTP, and I don't think its removal will kill the server or anything. At the very least, you should have to really earn something as strong as a 'get out of jail free' card as a traitor. Make it 250 credits or something harder to get than just "Kill detective because it doesn't matter, you get away free". I think the biggest problem people have said in here about detectives not being hard to kill has to do with RTP, there is no easy way to kill a detective without 100% giving yourself up as a traitor/dying if RTP isn't a thing.
  6. That's not too terribly false. It definitely taught me patience in the face of unwavering stubbornness. I just wish I could mute them sometimes, though I still slay their mom. Well, that got weird. I appreciate the kind words and it really is true, they do grow up fast. What've you been up to since retirement?

  7. try to be more relevant PLEASE :boi:

  8. I'm so glad to hear it man, congratulations and I'm sure you're doing a great job of raising them. This place surely has trained you on how to handle kids. Hahahaha.

  9. Thanks. No matter how hard you try time keeps on moving. It feels like 10 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Both girls are happy and healthy and that's all that matters.

  10. holy shit two kids? You messed up twice? I'm kidding congrats buddy

  11. I'm here bb. But I'm about to take another extended leave as my 2nd child comes to life in a day or two.

  12. You come back first.