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Hey everyone.

So basically , right here, right now, im going to show you how to open two ventrilo's at the same time and be able to speak in two different channels.



Step 1-Right Click On Ventrilo

Step 2-Click Copy

Step 3-Paste it on the desktop

Step 4-Right click the ventrilo copy and click properties

Step 5-Go to Shortcut

Step 6-There should be target: "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe"

Step 7-Delete that

Step 8-Then put this in : "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe" -m



Enjoy using two vents bro.

Also, change your hotkey for one of them so you wont speak in both at the same time . . :)

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  • Content Count:  1521
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Sorry for the wrong section..Didnt know where to post.

Glad to see some ppl appreciate it :)


CrAzY sNiPeR- this really helps thx.


Modgers1- Still a useful thread for someone who wants to know.


Thanks for posting.





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