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  1. Happy birthday Modgers, with a 1.

  2. Happy Birthday ;)

  3. Oh yeah, Garfield raged and deleted that usergroup for some reason. I think he was drunk....

  4. I'm not a legend anymore? I'm crushed!

  5. On guild vent

  6. how come you're never on vent anymore?

  7. Haha thanks man.


    I honestly haven't touched my BF2 in like a year, but I will definitely play again if we get the old PR group again.

  8. That's awesome man. Good for you. Hope to see you out in the fleet once I commission!


    Also, get ready to PR the shit out of our computers soon. I'm heading home next Friday

  9. Yup yup, I graduate from high school December 17th, and I plan to go to boot in January.

  10. Are you going the USMC route still? I'm switching over to NROTC Marine-Option next year.