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Quick IQ test

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I know most internet IQ tests are bullshit, but this one had some pretty good pattern recognition questions and seemed to be fairly accurate.


Make sure to check the score that is given once it gives the date of birth, and then skip the promotions to look at the chart to see how you compare.




I scored 15, which when compared on the chart gives me an IQ of about 130.


20 Genius 140+ You are probably a genius.

16 - 19 Gifted 130 - 139 You have a unique imagination and logical mind.

10 - 15 Above average 115 - 129 You have a good imagination and logical mind.

6 - 9 Higher average 102 - 114 You have an average imagination and logical mind.

3 - 5 Lower average 90 - 101

0 - 2 Below average 70 - 89 You have a below average imagination and logical mind.


Thats the chart so you dont have to click the ads

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  • Content Count:  195
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Why Is it related to america :S.

I dont know who the 16th president was :S


WTF are you talking about? The test is only about shapes and patterns.

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